Back On Solid Ground

Reverchon Park is a historic, open-space landmark in Dallas, Texas, that marks the entry of Turtle Creek into Trinity River floodplain.

Plans for the restoration of Reverchon Park in Dallas. Photo Courtesy of MESA

The restoration and development plan peels back the layers of incremental additions to reveal the essence of this dynamic property.

Because of the steep slopes on which the Hillside Terrace is built, movement of the soil downhill has begun to take portions of the terrace with it. As an interim measure, cement bag walls have been laid in a coursed fashion to retain the moving structure.

However, the bags are conspicuous and make the sloped environment feel unstable. Restoration of the terrace’s stone retaining walls, benches, overlooks, and flagstone walks is essential as these elements hold significant cultural value, serving as key improvements made during the Works Progress Administration.

In areas where the bag walls were removed, the slope was stabilized with gunnite and piers. Note the wrapped drain pipe and PVC weep. Photo Courtesy of Hasen Construction

MESA Design Group researched the historic context of the site, including identifying the quarry which was the source of the stone nearly 80 years ago.

Numerous mortar mixes were tried until the masons effectively recreated the mortar using local creek sand and hand mixing the mortar on site much as the original masons did years ago.

The design documents and construction decisions on site were guided using Department of the Interior and National Park Service standards for historic restoration.

The restored walkways have wonderful views overlooking the adjacent creek and meadow. Landscape improvements will complement this piece of history with the surrounding woodland hillside. Photo Courtesy of Hasen Construction

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