From Wading Pool To Splashpad

Do you want to add a splashpad to your park or pool complex but you don't want to start from scratch?

Your aging wading pool could look like this!

Maybe you have an old wading pool that just isn't cutting it with the kids and parents in your community.

In a live Aug. 30 webinar, "Learn How to Convert Your Aging Municipal Wading Pool Into a Vortex Splashpad®", Terry Dubuc, Aquatics Specialist for Vortex Aquatic Structures International, will examine the different options available.

This could include converting your wading pool into a splashpad or refurbishing your existing pool with a multi-level play structure.

The webinar will explore:

• The available options for wading pool conversion

• The wading pool conversion process

• The benefits of each option

• Case studies--You will hear from guest speakers who have converted their older wading pools using Vortex Solutions with great success.

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