Sailing And Sunning In San Diego

This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday in San Diego. I had had a very busy schedule last month, and we hadn’t really planned anything special. Since we had extra airline tickets that needed to be used before they expired, we decided to plan a mini-vacation in the cooler weather of San Diego, visit Sea World, and spend some time at the beach.

It's not all water and dolphins at Sea World!

I hadn’t been to Sea World in over 15 years, and my wife had never been.

The weather in San Diego was beautiful, as always, especially compared to the heat in Phoenix. The day before we left, the high temperature in Phoenix was 115 degrees. It was 116 the day before. When we arrived in San Diego, it was 78 and humid. We were in heaven, although the locals kept apologizing for their “heat wave”.

Saturday morning, we walked on the beach and had breakfast in one of our favorite beachside restaurants before walking down the pier in Pacific Beach and watching the surfers ride the waves as they broke near the shore. We had fun strolling through the shops and just taking in the cool, salty air.

Later that afternoon, we drove down to Shelter Island for an afternoon of sailing on the San Diego Bay.

When my wife and I were on our honeymoon in St. Martin, we spent a few hours sailing aboard an America’s Cup yacht. We had a great time, and even though it was a lot of work, we fell in love with sailing these big boats.

In San Diego, there is a company that has a yacht that was built for the 1992 America’s Cup race there in San Diego.

We spent the better part of three hours sailing in the bay that afternoon, and had an amazing time. We each took turns at crewing a few of the different positions, and we all got a chance to take the helm for a while, too.

There were so many boats on the bay that day that were out enjoying the sunny weather just like we were. It was great to see so many people having fun.

After we finished sailing for the day, we made our way back to the hotel and stopped for dinner at another of our favorite beachside restaurants. It was a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a cocktail as we watched the sun set off on the horizon.

On Sunday, we spent the day at Sea World. As I said earlier, I hadn’t been in many years and this was my wife’s first trip to the park. I’ve always had an interest in marine life and even considered becoming a marine biologist when I was younger. While that dream may have never panned out, the love for all things aquatic has stayed with me throughout the years.

We had a wonderful time watching the various animals perform. The orcas were amazing, and so were the dolphins. I think my favorite experience will always be petting the dolphins and watching them swim and play in the pool.

I especially enjoyed walking around the park and admiring the landscaping and gardens. They were truly beautiful. We stayed at the park until it closed, riding the Manta roller coaster as many times as we could.

All in all, it was one of the best birthday weekends I think I’ve ever had, and was a great way to end this summer season.

Have you had any special vacation trips this summer? If so, I’d love to hear about them. Feel free to leave a comment below, send me a tweet, or even an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great weekend!

Boyd Coleman is a landscape architect in Phoenix, Arizona. He can be reached on twitter at @CDGLA or email: