Vertical Prairies Instead Of Concrete Walls

This video by The Living Wall Company was shot during a routine stewardship visit to the Living Retaining Wall built to hold up a portion of the Boschert Greenway Trail.

Here's what the company has to say about this project:

"The native plants in this application were planted in early June 2012 and the "grow-in" progress of the grasses is fantastic after only two months.

This living retaining wall has experienced the most severe conditions imaginable due to the record heat and drought for the region.

The retaining wall looks more like a native prairie that has been stood up vertically, and it is a huge contrast from the normal methods employed to manage structural grade changes such as solid modular concrete block.

For our client, Great Rivers Greenway, the result is maximum green-space and habitat returned to the built environment through the use of the SmartSlope Living Retaining Wall System, its huge fill holding pocket, SmartSoxx blended media bags and well selected native perennials.

Visit our website at for more information."