New Series , a leading source for high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting, recently launched a series of color-changing LED strip lights, according to information released by Environmental Lights. The RGB ColorPlus series is a line of color-changing LED strip lights that combines a RGB LED chip plus an additional LED chip of warm white, daylight white, or amber.

Alternating on the flexible strip, this new LED strip can produce millions of colors easier than ever before – expanding the color palette beyond most RGB LED strip. The fourth color gives precise color control and higher color rendering, allowing truer whites, purer yellows, and softer pastels that are not over-saturated.

Standard RGB LED strip light mixes red, green and blue colors together on a chip to create a color, including white. It can be difficult to mimic the color temperature of white you prefer with RGB color mixing. RGB ColorPlus adds warm white, daylight white or amber into the color mix, giving you the versatility to create the exact color you desire. It also gives you the ability to create bright pastels colors in addition to bold primary colors.

Increased Color Palette

A unique feature of the 5-wire RGBWW (warm white) and RGBDW (daylight white) strip light is that the white LED chip uses phosphor to create the range of color temperature, different from creating white by mixing red, green, and blue on a chip. This creates a more natural white color to mix with the RGB colors on the strip, adding either a warm or cool tone – great for mixing pastels. The RGBA (amber) strip light uses an amber LED chip – great for mixing yellows and oranges.

“This is a fantastic product for TV studio and stage design, architectural features and decorative lighting in nightclubs and restaurants,” explained Bruce Bishop, operations manager for “Having the extra LED chip gives lighting engineers and designers the flexibility to mix more colors, and also to illuminate just white if desired – whereas with regular RGB strip lighting it would be a little more difficult to blend a true white.”

RGB ColorPlus LED Strip Lights feature:

  • Three color options for additional LED chip – warm white, daylight white or amber

  • Precise color control and consistency throughout the entire strip with no voltage drop (5 meter reel)

  • High- quality LEDs for maximum color vibrancy and longevity

  • High-adhesion stickyback for long-term mounting

  • Cuttable segments of 6 LED nodes every 3.94 in (100 mm)

  • Energy-efficiency with only 50 watts consumed and 50,000 hours expected lifetime

Controllability and Effects

RGB ColorPlus LED strip lights can be easily controlled with Environmental Lights’ RGB ColorPlus 4-Channel Controller or any DMX Controller, in conjunction with a DMX 4-channel decoder. An LED controller is necessary to control the lighting system and create the colors and effects desired.

The RGB ColorPlus 4-Channel Controller is a hand-held remote control that allows you to select any combination of the 4-channels, plus several fade, step and flash modes (21 modes in all). It operates using radio frequency and can work in a 100 foot range, even through walls. It is an easy-to-use controller to create beautiful effects for lighting up any space.

For a more professional installation, Environmental Lights designed and tested compatible DMX 4-channel decoders and the RGBX Repeater Studio amplifier to be used with the 5-wire RGB ColorPlus strip lights.

“The DMX 4-Channel Decoder takes the DMX output from any standard DMX controller, and decodes the signal so you can drive both standard RGB LED strip lights or the new RGB ColorPLus LED strip lights,” said Bishop. “With a high output frequency of 5,000 Hertz, this decoder is recommended for TV shows or movies using high-speed cameras – no flicker will be detected.”

RGB ColorPlus strip lights can also be used in applications for entertainment lighting, nightclubs, restaurants, resorts, casinos, color-changing cove lights, backlighting or edge-lighting glass and acrylic, or virtually any project that requires a full rainbow of LED color options.

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