Ideas for Trails Symposium

The Call for Presentations is now open for the 2013 American Trails International Trails Symposium . To help us develop an exciting and motivating program for the Symposium, we invite you to submit ideas for presentations in support of the Symposium's theme, " Trails Lead Everywhere ," as well as embodying at least one of the topic areas of interest as explained in the Call.

The 2013 Symposium theme is " Trails Lead Everywhere ." This Symposium's theme celebrates the remarkable role that trails continue to play worldwide. Throughout time, they have united and guided humans across the globe. They were the foundation of our communication network and continue to be an essential component of our personal and professional experiences and relationships. Trails are one of our greatest assets. They let us explore, play, travel, and savor the world's natural wonders, from the highest mountains to the deepest canyons and all the vast open spaces in between. They are the best way to see nature's hidden treasures, the cleanest way to commute, and the easiest way to encourage kids to adopt healthy lifestyles. Trails are the ribbons that connect us, lead us, and expand our horizons.

We have made some changes to the format and to our approach in selecting presentations for this Symposium, including Core Tracks and Preferred Topics. More detailed information on both of these areas can be found online and in our Call for Presentations .

Preferred Topics

This year, the Program Committee developed an online survey to better understand what Symposium participants want to learn, their preferred program structure, and related topics. The survey was distributed to 22,000+ recipients and received almost 600 responses.

One of the most frequent comments was interest in more in-depth treatment of a limited number of subjects. This response led to the development of the new Core Tracks format, described below. The hundreds of survey responses also suggested 10 topics of particular interest to potential attendees that are all described in detail online in the Call.

Core Tracks

A major innovation for this year's Symposium is a new format option called Core Tracks. Core Tracks are designed to allow presenters to explore subjects in greater depth than is possible in a 75 minute Concurrent Session. This will allow ample time for in-depth presentations, discussion, examples, practice, and field work. More details on Core Tracks can be found online in the Call.

Concurrent Sessions

We expect to hold approximately 40 concurrent sessions, each lasting 75 minutes. More details on Concurrent Sessions can be found online in the Call.

Download the Call for Presentations today!

The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2012.

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions regarding the Call for Presentations or about the program for this year's Symposium, please email .

If you have any questions about another Symposium area, please  email or call the American Trails office at (530) 547-2060.