LED Lighting

Albeo Technologies brings the advantages of energy efficient LED Lighting to the industrial and commercial marketplace with LED Lighting solutions created specifically for industrial and commercial buildings.

Through LED lighting and LED retrofits, Albeo Technologies is helping innovative facilities like warehouses, office buildings, schools, hospitals and data centers “green” existing lighting systems. In total, the company has lit 7 million square feet of space. Albeo’s products are reliable, energy efficient and flexible by design. Many of their fixtures can be customized before and after installation minimal cost, to make sure the right amount of light is shining in the right place.

For any type of Facility Albeo product include:

•        Fluorescent lighting

•        School interior lighting

•        Contemporary school lighting

•        Energy saving lighting

•        Suspended fluorescent lighting

•        Cove lighting: halogen and fluorescent

•        Fluorescent desk lighting

To learn more, visit www.albeotech.com .