Get Your Restroom Cleaned

To help parks and recreation departments prepare for the summer, Cintas Corporation is helping to prepare by cleaning their restrooms free of charge. Deep-cleaning experts will kick off the park restroom cleaning program in Indianapolis, Houston, Kansas City, Mo. and Detroit by performing its Sanis UltraClean or tile and grout cleaning service in local public park restrooms. The purpose is to encourage repeat visitors throughout the summer.

“Public parks are a great place for families to have fun and enjoy nature,” said Fred Wehby, Sr. Director of Deep Clean Services, Cintas. “However, park restrooms often experience high traffic resulting in buildup of odors, dirt and germs, which can be a turnoff to potential visitors. Our deep cleaning service removes these substances to keep restrooms clean.”

The service uses a high-pressure washer and chemical injection system that removes buildup inaccessible by mops and brushes. Professionals clean every urinal, sink and commode with chemicals to break down soils and then rinse all surfaces with a fresh water rinse. All of the bacteria, soil and excess water is vacuumed away, allowing surfaces to quickly dry and leaving the restroom ready for immediate use. The result is a sanitized restroom that looks and smells clean.

To have a park considered for complimentary service, visit .