Fighting Foggy Eye Protection

A proposed new ASTM International standard will be used to test the propensity of athletic eye and face protection to fog during a sporting event. When such devices fog, athletes may remove them temporarily or not wear them at all, thus risking serious eye injury.

The proposed new standard, ASTM WK36802, Test Method for Resistance to Fogging for Eye and Face Protection Devices, is being developed by Subcommittee F08.57 on Eye Safety for Sports, part of ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities.

The proposed standard would test a complete eye/face protection device (eyewear and frames) in the as-worn position under a variety of environmental conditions that would simulate an athletic event.

"The main benefit of ASTM WK36802 will be to have a method to analyze and rate devices that are labeled 'fog resistant' or 'anti-fog protection,'" says John Mackie, Fosta-Tek Optics Inc. "For users, having protection that they don't have to remove due to fogging or reapply regularly would prevent injury."

While the task group developing ASTM WK36802 is currently working primarily with paintball and airsoft eye protection devices, the proposed standard could also potentially include eye protection for field and ice hockey, football, lacrosse and other sports.

All interested parties are invited to take part in the ongoing development of WK36802.