Michigan Home To Get Green Roof

Existing homeowners in Traverse City, Mich., will be the first on the block to have a green roof. The residential project will see Advanced Green Architecture (AGA) Advanced Green Roof (AGR) system installed on a 400-square-foot addition to an existing home.

Green roofs provide numerous environmental and economic benefits including storm water management, carbon sequestration, reduction of urban heat islands, extended roof life, and improved aesthetics among many others.

Homeowner Marsha Walton first noticed a green roof while visiting her son at Michigan State University and strolling through the gardens. After some inquiry, she was referred to MSU graduates Jeremiah Johnson and Erik Cronk, founders and co-owners of AGA.

“The green roof fits our lifestyle,” Walton said, explaining they are organic gardeners and have a winter room. “Looking out on the roof, we didn’t want to see a typical roof, and we didn’t want added heat.”

For AGA, fitting a green roof to a home offers exciting opportunities.

"Residential structures can pose unique challenges for green roof installations because sloped green roofs have specific design considerations that have to be addressed related to roof aspect, temperature, and moisture dynamics,” Erik said. “AGR's integrated subsurface irrigation and slope stabilizers are designed specifically for sloped green roofs and is an ideal solution for residential applications."

Plants are being grown specifically for the Walton’s green roof. Installation of the roof is expected by the end of June.

For more information and to learn more about Advanced Green Architecture, visit www.agagreen.com .