Ticks Arrive Early This Year

With the mild winter in the Northeastern United States, ticks are making an earlier appearance than normal.

Hikers and others who enjoy the outdoors in areas where Lyme disease is present should be vigilant in checking themselves and their children for ticks to help prevent the transmission of Lyme disease.

To help prevent bites, be sure to tuck pants into socks, and shirt into pants.

Shower within two hours of leaving the trail and be sure to check yourself (and children) for ticks, especially checking armpits, hair, ears and behind the ears, belly button, behind the knees, and groin.

If you find a tick, do not follow old-school advice such as using a lit match to detach it. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends removing ticks with tweezers. View their easy-to-understand tick removal instructions and pictures.

When back from the trail be sure to launder clothing (dry in a hot dryer) and also check your pets.