Store That Snow Equipment

We are all hoping that Old Man Winter has finally retired for the year. But we know he'll be back again, sooner than we think and stronger than ever!

We'll need to be prepared--and so will our snow equipment.

So before you tuck the equipment away for the summer, follow these tips from the folks at the Snow & Ice Management Association:

• Remove spreaders, plows and other equipment from vehicles, and clearly label each implement so it’s easy to find for inventory and pre-season setup the following year.

• Repair any damaged equipment now; do not wait until the fall. For spreaders, check the augur/hoses/spinners especially for damage or wear and tear.

• For all equipment (including skid steer loaders, etc.) that use hydraulics, check fluids and all hydraulic hoses. Replace any hoses that are cracking or corroding due to use.

• Power wash all equipment that was used in snow work, especially any equipment that was exposed to salt and other deicing products.

• Neutralize equipment to remove excess salt, and apply rust preventative to plows and spreaders especially.

• Paint any equipment that needs it after cleaning/neutralizing takes place.

• Store plows and spreaders in a secure, dry location with cover from the elements if at all possible.

These tips were created by the Snow & Ice Management Association Inc. and its website, , and is made possible by Bobcat Company at .