This Just In: Enough!

I have to tell you, I am getting pretty tired of this constant flood of “news” that takes celebrities--and every utterance they make--and turns them into “breaking stories.”

This is yellow journalism at its best. I think even William Randolph Hearst, the father of the “man bites dog” style of reporting, would be a little overwhelmed by some of this garbage.

In the days preceding the Super Bowl, New England quarterback Tom Brady stepped to the microphone at a pep rally, thanked the crowd for the send-off and said that he planned to come back to New England to celebrate a win with these great fans.

Within an hour, the buzz on the Internet was that Brady was so confident about a win, he was already planning a victory party. They went on to say that New Yorkers were furious.

What? That’s not really what he said.

Hours later, he arrived in Indianapolis and stepped off the plane. In a press club interview, he told the journalists gathered that he wanted to thank his parents for all of their loyalty over the years.

He mentioned how they had come to every college game, home or away, and then recalled what must have been one particular trip where they stayed in a less-than-perfect hotel in Buffalo, New York.

He immediately caught himself, since he knew he must walk on eggshells with every word, but it was too late.

The press releases said that Brady slammed Buffalo and that New Yorkers were so very offended that they were going to eat him alive during the Super Bowl and again next season when New England plays Buffalo.


Why is all this taunting becoming the style of modern reporting?

So the guy went out and played the big game; a game in which there must be someone who wins and someone who loses. And he came up short.

His receivers dropped some key passes at key moments. New England lost.

As Brady was being consoled by his wife, a New York fan ran by and shouted some insults at Brady. And his wife reacted.

She happens to have celebrity status as well, though, so she is expected to be beyond emotion.

But she yelled back something about how her husband couldn’t be expected to catch the ball and throw it, too.

You guessed it--minutes later the web headlines were fanning the flames and telling the world that she insulted all the receivers and “slammed” the Patriots organization. They went on to say that she won’t keep quiet about it.

What? That is not what happened!

Now here we go, entering the election season.

The amount of spin being dealt makes a centrifuge look like a placid lake. The press has become the boy who cried wolf so many times that when the wolf really came, no one believed his cries.

And the local weather people warn of “impending storms” that are so powerful and overwhelming that people flock to the stores and empty the shelves in the event that they will be snowed in for weeks.

Uh…hello? You wake up and there’s not even enough snow to cancel school.

Why the hype? Why are we as a people so hungry for sensationalistic news?

They wouldn’t be feeding it to us if we weren’t lapping it up. I mean, one show after another, one commercial after another, heck during “American Idol” season the local news does 5 to 10 minutes on it every night!

That’s not news; its drivel!

Can someone tell me how one-time Aerosmith rock star Steven Tyler has suddenly vaulted to mega-star status at the level he is currently enjoying?

He screams the National Anthem at a football playoff game and people have the nerve to be shocked? All he ever did was scream. How can you be shocked?

Guys, this is getting so out of hand. Please don’t feed this monster anymore. Shut the TV off and play Scrabble with the family.

The more we care about this stuff, the more they feed it to us. You can “vote it off the island” by simply turning it off.

Your lack of following it would remove their ability to shovel it into the money machine.

We have to stop. Think about it! Do you REALLY care about:

Who is fat

Who is skinny

Who can’t lose weight

Who refuses to eat

Who is sleeping around

Who is newly married

Who has a tattoo

Who “rocked” a new look on the red carpet

If Brad and Angelina will marry

If Oprah is gaining or losing weight

If Rosie is teetering on depression

If one of the bakers or cooks forgot the yeast and now the soufflé won’t rise

Mitt’s tax returns

Obama’s smoking habit

Newt’s closet obnoxiousness

The latest facelift

The newest overdose


Please, on the next snow day, take your kids sledding. Bring cocoa, light a fire in the firebox and laugh out loud.

Go down the hill at least once.

Create some memories with your lives and the ones you affect, for crying out loud. This stuff can only penetrate your kids if you let them remain exposed to it.

Please, America, take the higher road. We’re better than this.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at