Aquatic Therapy Webinar

Aquatic Therapy University is offering an Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp webinar on Feb. 23.

The webinar, “Core Concepts of Water-Based Intervention,” will start at noon EST.

It is the first in a series of evidence-based education opportunities created in concert with the Medical Fitness Association and open to the entire aquatic industry.

The 60-minute webinar, taught by Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, program director of Aquatic Therapy University, will take a functional look at aquatic therapy fundamentals for any discipline.

"Our facilities all want to treat the whole person, and aquatic post-rehab is near and dear to achieving that,” said Jim Gallagher, director of business development at the Medical Fitness Association.

“But the (continuing education) quality isn't there. That is why we asked ATU to host our first aquatic webinar, so our global members can learn from the best clinical leaders in the field,”

he said.

Salzman takes a fresh approach in this webinar that keeps the pace moving--ideal for facilities looking for a lunch-and-learn opportunity to educate land-based staff on when to refer to the pool.

Attendees will leave with a clear awareness of why water works therapeutically and with access to the blue ribbon research (a proprietary database of over 8,000 abstracts) to back it up.

Details on learning objectives and outcomes are found at the ATU site.

“Our webinar makes it feasible for a program director to bring 60 minutes of evidence-based aquatic training to their entire team,” said Salzman.

“By partnering with us, the Medical Fitness Association has made it possible for facilities across the globe to attend ATU-caliber trainings, without spending a dime on travel,” she said.

The one-hour webinar is open to all, free for MFA members ($99 for non-MFA members). ATU courses are open to anyone with internet access. You do not need to be a MFA member.

To register, go to . For questions, please call Mr. Lee Salzman at 800-680-8624 or 612-424-5490, or send him an email at