Poo Free Parks Now In California

Poo Free Parks has expanded its eco-friendly dog waste program to the Southern California area.

Camarillo, Calif., is the latest community to join the Poo Free Parks program, which is expected to save the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District over $20,000 a year.

This public-private partnership program--the first of its kind in the nation--is aimed at reducing harmful pet waste in parks and waterways with an environmentally- and socially-responsible approach. The program is delivered to local communities at no cost to municipalities or taxpayers.

Poo Free Parks currently serves more than 150 parks throughout the United States. The program includes the installation, supply and upkeep of pet-waste bag dispensers made from 100 percent recyclable aluminum, filled with 100 percent biodegradable bags designed to naturally deteriorate within 18 months. The dog-waste dispensers are maintained weekly by crews driving hybrid vehicles.

The Poo Free Parks service is funded through cause-marketing efforts by like-minded businesses and organizations, which are publicly recognized for their support on signage attached to each station. Advanced Solar Electric is the founding sponsor in the Camarillo area.

The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District in Camarillo is the first municipality in California to join the program. Poo Free Parks has installed more than 100 eco-friendly pet stations with biodegradable bags in 27 of its community parks--committing to keeping its outdoor paths and open spaces clean and enjoyable for all visitors and their pets.

The district is following in the footsteps of other communities across the country, from Colorado to Illinois. More than 50 other markets across the U.S. are currently considering the Poo Free Parks program, including additional communities throughout Southern California.

“We are thrilled that Camarillo has joined Poo Free Parks program to combat the issue of pet waste in our parks and waterways in an eco-friendly manner while helping to lower the budgetary burdens of our governmental agencies,” says Poo Free Parks California partner, Mike Webster.

“The success of the program proves that doing business in an environmentally- and socially-responsible manner can be a win-win situation for all. We look forward to expanding our reach to more communities in California as interest in the program continues to grow.”

According to reports, more than one million biodegradable bags have been used at participating parks, which equates to nearly 140,000 pounds or 70 tons of pet waste that has been collected by dog owners using earth-friendly supplies provided by Poo Free Parks.

For more information, please visit www.PooFreeParks.com .