FabriTec Structures--Project Portfolio

From our 2011 Project Portfolio:

FabriTec Structures

Facility Name: Central Park at Playa Vista

City, State: Playa Vista, Calif.

Type of Facility: Custom Outdoor Performance Structure

Architectural Firm/Lead Architect: Michael Maltzan Architects, Inc./Michael Maltzan

Square Footage: 9,200

Due to the intricate surrounding landscape, the architect wanted to design a unique shape and form that could be illuminated at night. Translucency was key.

Deemed one of the most complicated and challenging patterning jobs developed by design and engineering teams at FabriTec, problems arose from the ever-changing radii of the compound curves and having to create seams that followed numerous and different meridians. Prior to completing the patterns, the structural frame was assembled off site and a 3-D survey was developed to determine the exact shape and form. The installation complications came from tensioning each panel into place and minimizing wrinkling.

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