Eckel Industries--Project Portfolio

From our 2011 Project Portfolio:

Eckel Industries

Facility Name: Camp Timberlane, Edgewater Program Center

City, State: Wakeman, Ohio

Type of Facility: Activity center

Installer: The D.K. Kaiser Co., Canton, Ohio

Acoustic Product Company: Eckel Industries, Inc.

Square Footage: 9,800

Number of Floors: 1

Eckel's Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFPs) were used to upgrade the acoustic quality of the center's high-ceiling assembly room. Reverberation time of the “as-built” space was too high and needed to be better controlled.

The V-ridged EFPs are unit panels, therefore, they could be spot located in the center's tongue-and-groove wood-paneled ceiling and its drywalled walls. Brown EFPs were selected to blend in with the ceiling color. For the wall panels, the EFPs were either a shade of green, red, or white. Other advantages of the EFPs are that they are graffiti-resistant and fire-resistant.

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