Beyond Convention

If you were to stumble into my family room on any given Sunday, you would likely find me lying on the carpet watching the Cleveland Browns find new and creative ways to lose a football game.

You probably wouldn’t think too much of it--just a normal football fan living and dying with his team.

But, if you were four years old, your perspective might be a bit different.

In that case, apparently, you would see a playground or perhaps a trampoline--perfect for jumping on, preferably feet first. And, if you had a twin sister, you would find it perfectly natural to fight over whose turn it was to be on Dad’s shoulders because, as we all know, jumping (or walking) on somebody’s legs isn’t as fun as their back and shoulders.

If you were an older sibling, say 10, 13 or 15, you might witness your four-year-old sisters abusing your old man and take it as an invitation to do the same--only with considerably more mass and force, almost ensuring the old man would feel older by dinner or at least be paying a visit to the chiropractor on Monday.

And, of course, if you were the old man on the ground, you might lose all interest in the game and “defend” yourself against the onslaught--ending in pile of bodies and laughter that, eventually, spills outside to a game of touch football in the backyard.

You might.

Those two words describe the core of what this issue came to be about--possibility.

Inside, you'll find a wonderful feature on memorials, the essence of which is how the landscape architect designs these tributes to complement and enhance their surroundings instead of compete with them.

You’ll also find a project portfolio where the landscape architect took a pool that was too small for recreational swimming and turned it into an oversized fountain using creativity and talent.

And, of course, you’ll find a listing of vendors in our first buyer’s guide that can help you move beyond convention on your next project and create a truly powerful outdoor space.

You might really love this issue.

I bet you do.

Till next month…

Rodney J. Auth


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