Input Sought On Park Office Location

Should parks and recreation departments be located at City Hall or in a park or recreation center?

That was the question posed recently by Tom Conroy, recreational program coordinator for the Westhaven Parks and Recreation Department in Connecticut.

His dilemma:

"Our city is in the process of renovating our City Hall, and when completed, they would like to move us in. Our office is currently located in our largest park, which is also the location of our largest day camp. We do not have a recreation center; our office is just for registration, although we do have an open room for small programs.

"The mayor wants to move us so all the city offices are centrally located. He never mentioned cost savings.

"We feel that we can better serve our citizens where we are now. We told the mayor that we believed most recreation departments are not located in City Hall, but at separate locations.

"So could you please respond by sending us the name of you city/town and if you are located in your City Hall or in a separate location?"

What do you think is the best location for a parks and recreation office?

If you would like to respond to Tom, his email address is Or you can comment below, and we will forward your information on to him.