First Steps

Ideas are the seeds of life.

If nourished correctly, they grow--sending out shoots and digging in against the competition. With a little luck, they hold on long enough to bloom into something truly spectacular--like the magazine you now hold in your hands.

The idea for Landscape Architect Business has been struggling to bloom for over 10 years.

First, it was crowded out by the needs of our two existing publications, PRB (Parks & Rec Business) and Camp Business. Then, it was held hostage by the explosive growth of digital technology, which forced us to stop everything and reinvent our business.

But, as in nature, sometimes those seeds that take the longest to bear fruit are the most pleasing. Such is the case with Landscape Architect Business.

Because of the time it took to launch, the publication is not only created by an experienced design and editorial team, but is also available to you wherever and whenever you want it on whatever device you happen to have handy (phone, tablet, computer, mailbox, e-reader).

And, each FREE subscription comes complete with a bevy of no-cost or low-cost marketing tools you can use to drive revenue. Things like a FREE listing in, FREE access to our Insider Deals, Buyer’s Guide, Request Literature, Quick Quote, and LA Bids databases, and discounts on turning your marketing collateral into interactive Digital Flip-Books, which are able to be posted to your site, emailed to prospects and customers, and/or used in presentations.

Of course, like your projects, this Preview Issue is simply a first step--a rough grade of the job site, a proof copy of the blueprint. It will grow article by article, writer by writer, issue by issue, and year by year, its face and voice shaped by the tenor of the articles and topics you and your peers submit and share.

I’m sure it will be a wild and wooly ride--it usually is--but that’s what makes it so fun.

Till next month…

Rodney J. Auth



PS: Visit to start your free subscription AND set up your free listing in It’s quick, easy, and painless.

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