A Family-Sized Water Slide

Looking for a waterpark thrill you can share with your friends or family?

Check out the Viper at the NRH2O park in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Hop aboard a 2- to 4-person raft and hit this 43-foot-tall, 430-foot-long super slide from WhiteWater's MEGAtube Series. Share the fun and thrills as your group hurtles through twists, turns and drops.

"NRH2O and our guests are thrilled with the Viper. We selected the Viper based on a customer survey which indicated that our guests wanted a ride that allowed them to share the experience with their family and friends,"said Chris Swartz, NRH2O's Park Manager.

"Not only is it a family-sized experience, but its high capacity shortens wait times, which also makes our guests very happy."

"Another unique feature is that when the waterpark is open in the evenings, the Viper is not to be missed, with its exciting lighting and sound effects," Swartz said.

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