Student Competition Focuses On Water

Landscape architecture students have a chance to win $15,000 in the 2011 AECOM student competition, Urban SOS: Water.

Urban SOS is an annual student competition created to engage students in the fields of urban planning and design, architecture, landscape architecture and engineering with the issues confronting modern cities.

Water, the world's most vital resource, is central to every aspect of city life, from basic human sustenance and public health to environmental remediation and overall urban renewal.

Submissions are being accepted through July 29 for the following areas of inquiry:

•Power generation/energy

•Potable and safe water access



•Natural disaster

•Sea-level rise/climate change

•Loss of habitat

•Water quality

•Guerrilla/alternative treatments of water and wastewater

•Water sensitive urban design


Responses can range from a strategic framework to a surgical micro-response, from a whole landscape system to a single piece of architecture or infrastructure.

Entries will be judged on their feasibility, creativity and multi-disciplinary approach.

The competition is open to teams of up to four students. In order to be eligible, all team members must be enrolled in a certified undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate program of study in the autumn term 2011.

The competition is geared toward those studying urban and regional planning, urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, engineering and related disciplines. This year, we are also encouraging entries especially from students concentrating on studies in water sciences or hydrology.

The top three teams will be invited to London in November to present their schemes at the NLA, the center for London’s Built Environment.

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