Collect Used Water For Plants

It's easy enough to turn on the garden hose and water your plants.

But that's pretty wasteful, when there's plenty of useful water just sitting around your house, ready to be recycled.

Here are five tips from :

1. Collect Roof Runoff -- If your area gets enough rain during the warmer summer months, try installing a rain barrel or similar device to divert roof runoff to the garden.

2. Reuse Pasta and Veggie Water -- Water used to boil pasta and vegetables is often nutrient-rich and great for plants. Similarly, water used to rinse fruit and veggies could be reused by placing a shallow bucket in the kitchen sink.

3. Collect Cold Shower Water -- Even with an efficient hot water heating system, it can take a minute or so for bathing water to heat up. It’s a little extra work, but keeping a bucket in the shower could provide enough water to take care of daily indoor watering.

4. Recycle the Aquarium Water -- Aquarium water can act as a natural liquid fertilizer for plants (as long as you’re not adding chemicals or salts to the tank), but most sources recommend limiting aquarium watering to once a week.

5. Reuse Unwanted Ice -- Don’t just dump that glass of ice down the drain or the cooler from last weekend’s BBQ on the grass. Spread it around plants and let evaporation do its thing.