PRB Contributors Wanted

Would you like to write for PRB?

It's your magazine, and we'd love to have you submit an article to us.

Right now, our editor-in-chief, Christine Sima, is looking for stories for the August and September issues.

The August theme is Restrooms and Locker Rooms. But we are also interested in articles about exercise programs, dog parks and golf.

The deadline for August is May 13.

September's theme is Park Maintenance. We are especially interested in articles about filters and filtration systems, day camps, playgrounds and athletic field maintenance.

The September deadline is June 16.

Not only will you have a published article to your credit, it's a great opportunity to connect with an audience of 30,000 readers and expose topics that may be on the minds of others.

And it's a way to draw attention to projects in your city/park district.

If you have a submission to be considered, e-mail it to If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Christine or call her at 866-444-4216 x221.