Playground Safety

It's National Playground Safety Week, and BCI Burke and Evans Elementary School in Fond du Lac, Wisc., are working together to raise safety awareness.

As part of the Fond du Lac School District’s Partners in Education Program, Burke is leading the awareness project in which Evans students have created posters about playground safety.

“Playgrounds are a compelling and fun attraction for kids of all ages,” said Tim Ahern, BCI Burke owner/CEO.

“Unfortunately, each year over 200,000 children are seriously injured on America’s playgrounds, according to the National Program for Playground Safety, and we are focused on helping kids and adults be aware of the safest way to play and the best way to supervise kids.”

The students' posters are showcased on a dedicated page created on the BCI Burke website at .

"BCI Burke has been a wonderful business partner for Evans School," said Principal Jim Botting.

"The fact that they manufactured the outdoor play structures that the students use and enjoy every day makes the partnership even more meaningful,” Botting said.

Here are some important playground safety tips:

• Due to the differing capabilities and needs of children, a play area should be provided for preschoolers ages 2-5, as well as a separate play area for children ages 5-12. Be sure children play on equipment designated for their age.

• It is vital to use safety surfacing around play structures. Options include pea gravel, engineered wood fiber, rubber, sand, rubber tiles or synthetic grass. It is best to consult with a certified playground installer or your playground manufacturer to ensure all safety guidelines are followed.

• Be aware of openings on the various parts of the play structures -- they should measure less than 3.5 inches or more than 9 inches to prevent strangulation or trapping a child at play.

• Make sure debris and litter is cleaned up promptly to prevent a tripping hazard as well as a health issue.

• Look for safety signs on playgrounds that help inform parents and other supervisors which structures are appropriate for the age of the children in their care and remind them about adult supervision requirements.

• Always supervise children at play. Most injuries occur on playgrounds because children are not being monitored by adults.

• Be on the lookout for broken parts, rust, protruding hardware, sharp edges or other areas of disrepair.

• Choose a cooler part of the day to play, if possible. Be sure to apply sunscreen to protect children’s delicate skin.

• Interact with children at play. They take great pride in showing adults what they can do. And this allows for better attention to safety.

To further their commitment to safety, BCI Burke is the only playground manufacturer to partner with the National Program for Playground Safety to provide a free Safe Playground Supervision Kit with each play system purchased.

For more information about playground safety or Burke products visit .