A Step Forward

For the last two months, we’ve been loading every article we ever published to our new Web site. It’s been a blast watching columns come and go, seeing writers sign on and retire, and of course, watching the industry change right before my eyes.

The funniest articles related to technology—those that tried to convince our readers that, yes, they did need a Web site--while the more timeless articles are related to programming (it’s unbelievable how many different programming ideas we’ve loaded to the site).

Somehow, it seems appropriate that the new site is launching in the New Year.

Like the New Year, full of promise and change, our new site (18 months in the making) utilizes the same technology that runs more austere publications like The New York Times and is much more user-friendly than our past three sites.

Want to share a story to your Facebook page? Click a button. Want to re-Tweet a story or comment? Click a button. Need a new programming idea for the winter catalog? Click a button. Want to turn your spring programming guide into a Digital Flip Book? Click a button.

You get the idea.

And, because our society is moving beyond computers, the site is mobile--able to be easily viewed on your smart phone of choice. So, you really don’t have an excuse for not keeping up with the industry, because, let’s face it, the industry is keeping up with you--it’s right there in your pocket.

Just visit www.parksandrecbusiness.com and stay on top of all the industry news, latest trends, solutions to common problems and more.


Rodney J. Auth


PS: Feel free to drop us a note and let us know what you think of the new site. We’re improving it daily and your feedback is always welcome (and needed).