Field Notes

Hayward Pool Products announces Gina Harris has been promoted to District Sales Manager, as a member of the Southern California Region. Harris previously served as Retail Specialist for Hayward for over nine years.

Sport Resource Group has launched a new customer-friendly Web site ( It features a variety of categories and products which customers said will help them with research.

UV disinfection specialist Aquionics named Oliver Lawal as its new President. Lawal was promoted from the position of Technical Director in the UV division of Aquionics’ parent company, Halma Plc., following the departure of previous president, Bill Decker.

Jim Goodrich has joined the Professional Turf & Ornamental Products team of PBI/Gordon Corporation as Product Sales Specialist. He will be responsible for product development and management of the existing products and programs for the professional group.

Five Reasons To Consider A No-Flush Urinal Systems

Vista, Calif.--Klaus Reichardt, founder of Waterless Co., makers of no-flush urinal systems and other restroom tools and products, reports the five reasons businesses should consider selecting a no-water urinal system:

1. Water savings. In Chicago’s 110-story Willis Tower, there are approximately 1,200 urinals. “If one urinal uses approximately 40,000 gallons of water per year that means nearly 50 million gallons of water [are] used every year just to flush urinals in this one building,” says Reichardt.

2. Cost savings. Water costs start at around $7 per 1,000 gallons. This means that one no-water urinal can save up to $280 per year in water costs.

3. Reduced vandalism. Unfortunately, the flush-valves on traditional urinals are a big target for vandalism in schools and other commercial facilities. Waterless urinals have no flush valves.

4. Cleanliness. Urine is sterile. It’s when it’s mixed with water that bacteria and odor can develop.

5. Lowered operating costs. Of all restroom plumbing fixtures, flushed urinals tend to require more repairs than any other. These costs are eliminated with a no-water system.

G9 Turf Digs Deep

Hauppauge, N.Y.—After completing a new multi-purpose synthetic turf field at Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale, NY, G9 Turf made a $5,000 donation on behalf of Kellenberg to the local Long Island chapter of the Disability Opportunity Fund (DOF), a community development financial institution focused on addressing the gap in housing solutions for people with disabilities and their families, particularly those returning from service in the American military.

PlayGuard Warranty Extended

Lancaster, Penn.--ECORE International announces the extension of its PlayGuard safety-surfacing warranty. Specifically designed to meet 6-, 8- and 10-foot fall ratings, the recycled rubber tiles feature versatility and adhesive-free installation. For more information, visit

Word On The Web

Company Review—Outfdoor Fun Store

Friendly and Knowledgeable

It is a very refreshing feeling speaking with a customer-service representative who is patient and friendly! This is exactly how I felt when I got off the phone with the salesperson at the Outdoor Fun Store. I was unsure of exactly what I wanted, but because the salesperson listened to my needs, my quote was suited just for me. All of the questions I had about my order were answered completely. The small wait for the product (bleachers) to be manufactured was completely worth it! I’m pleased with the bleachers, and so is the community. They look sharp at our new field! Thank you Outdoor Fun Store!

--Submitted by Teacher with Great Bleachers

For Cheap Shade

To the Editor:

Providing shade for children and adults at recreation areas is indeed a "Hot Topic." Tammy York's excellent article (PRB, August 2010) addresses this critical aspect of creating safe and healthy spaces for play and relaxation. York correctly identifies trees and other greenery as "natural and low-cost" approaches to providing shade.

Across the country, nonprofit organizations and municipalities are tackling the shade issue by including green infrastructure as essential components of park and playground design. Some of the most fruitful projects are conducted as partnerships between nonprofits and city government.

Since safe recreation areas are key to healthy communities, Alliance for Community Trees organized a webcast on the issue. Watch "Trees at Playspaces" at

Bravo to Tammy York and PRB for a great article!


Leland Milstein

Program Director

Alliance for Community Trees

College Park, Md.

Kudos On Golf

Congratulations on your September 2010 issue and especially your cover and two stories about golf. Golf is the second largest revenue source for municipalities with golf courses behind only taxes. We are very pleased your articles address the challenging economic times and offer suggestions on how a golf course might address these current issues and remain profitable. Thanks for your support of the golf industry.

Paul Foley

Executive Director

GCBAA (Golf Course Builders Association of America)

Lincoln, Neb.

Fields Of Dreams Found In Kansas And Philly

Atlanta, Ga.–Kiowa County High School in Greensburg, Kan. and Wister Elementary School Philadelphia, Penn are the two grand prize winners in the Synthetic Turf Council’s 2010 Search for the Real Field of Dreams. The annual contest recognizes synthetic turf athletic fields and community parks that have transformed the lives of America’s youth and enhanced public wellness. For more information, visit



1-3 National Alliance for Youth Sports Onsite Academy, San Diego, Calif.—San Diego County Convention Center;

5-8 National Executive Development School (NEDS), Albuquerque, N.M.--Hotel Albuquerque;

6-9 Ohio Turfgrass Conference & Show, Columbus, Ohio--Greater Columbus Convention Center; (888) 683-3445 or



9-10 National Green Centre, presented by the Western Nursery and Landscape Association, St. Louis, Mo.--America’s Center;

11-15 The Sports Turf Managers Association Annual Conference, Austin, Texas.

19-21 Indiana Parks and Recreation Association State Conference, Indianapolis, Ind.—Indianapolis Marriott East;

23-26 Alabama Recreation and Park Association Conference;