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Fathers Bond With Ron

I was reading your article in PRB about fathers (“Do Unto Others,” August 2010). Excellent article! So many good points and so true. Keep up the good work with your columns. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Thanks again,

Jonathan Souder

Fitness Director

Seaford, Del.

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Hi Ron,

Just read your article in PRB. My son and his 16-year-old friends have been working on a truck to enter in to our county fair ‘Tuff Truck’ contest next week.

My daughter is involved in making shirts for all of the pit crew. This is certainly a great time in life for both of them, as they make memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for the article.

John F. Earl

Recreation & Parks Adviser

Harrisburg, Penn.

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Hello Ron,

I enjoy reading your articles in PRB - keep 'em coming.

Tammy Rankins

Recreation Coordinator

City of Edmonds Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

Edmonds, Wash.

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Thanks for another fine article, Ron. I have forwarded it to so many today! My Dad, who has the patience of Job and raised four daughters, has communicated to me in many ways that “the nurturing tools of home and hearth are honed by the feminine hand.”


Claire Carleton


Haywood County Recreation and Parks

Waynesville, N.C.

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Hi Ron,

Thank you for writing a hard-hitting but most appropriate article in the August issue of PRB. I agree with your opinions on the importance for fathers to be responsible dads and husbands. I realize life is not always ideal and many find themselves as a single parent. I take my hat off to single parents for working so hard to be all things to their children and hope they have relatives, a church or a good support network around them.

Thanks again for having the courage to address a potentially controversial subject with truth and facts rather than politically correct ‘mumbo jumbo.’

Kind regards,

Bob Zeager

Middletown, Penn.

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You wrote another great article in PRB. It will be interesting to see what kind of feedback you get. The truth is uncomfortable for some. But, I appreciated your candor.

The only way we can change the results is to stop tiptoeing around.

Don Decker

Director of Parks & Recreation

Weston, Fla.

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Polar Opposite

I’m really getting offended by Ron Ciancutti’s articles. The article on single parents not being adequate, reference to the bible, and generally sexist rhetoric is appropriate for a blog, but not a general subscription magazine, unless that's the kind of audience you're seeking.

Reed Engel

Evanston, Ill.


Nine Tips For Shooters

The nonprofit organization Tread Lightly! has released nine tips to help shooters minimize their impact on the environment. The tips are part of a recent public awareness campaign developed to help shooters and hunters keep their access open by encouraging proper environmental and social behaviors. The multifaceted campaign is called Respected Access is Open Access.

1. Target-shoot only on land open to shooting.

2. Use only appropriate targets. Shooting at trees and other natural objects is illegal.

3. Only shoot where there is a good backstop to stop the bullets.

4. Shooting at signs, kiosks, trash containers, buildings and other property is vandalism and illegal.

5. Be sure to pick up trash including food wrappings, shotgun shells, brass or steel cases, fragmented clay pigeons, and other targets.

6. Do not shoot household appliances or other objects dumped in shooting areas. It is misconstrued that shooters are the dumpers.

7. Shooting across roads, trails, waterways or into caves or rocky areas is unsafe. Be sure you see the target clearly and know what lies between you, the target, and beyond.

8. Shoot away from developed recreation sites such as campgrounds, trailheads, parking areas and boat ramps.

9. Travel on designated routes. Avoid traveling in sensitive areas such as meadows, lakeshores, wetlands and streams.


Walk Through An Aquatic Safety Audit

A new handbook and online training course on safety audits has been launched by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). The Aquatic Facility Audits course educates people about why safety audits are important and walks participants through the key areas to audit. Participants can register for the course at and click on online training.


Legoland Waterpark Debuts

Legoland’s first and only waterpark opened this summer. The 5.5-acre, $12-million addition to the existing family theme park in Carlsbad, Calif. is the largest ever at the park. It has been geared to families with children between the ages of 2 to 12 years, but the colors and creativity of the design will appeal to the kid in everyone. The slides, towers and theming were supplied and installed by WhiteWater West Industries.



2-5 Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association Annual Conference & Trade Show—Lacrosse Convention Center;

14-17 American Trails National Symposium, Chattanooga, Tenn.;

15-19 Kentucky Recreation and Park Society Annual Conference—Lake Barkley State Resort Park;


1-3 National Alliance for Youth Sports Onsite Academy, San Diego, Calif.—San Diego County Convention Center;

5-8 National Executive Development School (NEDS), Albuquerque, N.M.--Hotel Albuquerque;

6-9 Ohio Turfgrass Conference & Show, Columbus, Ohio--Greater Columbus Convention Center; (888) 683-3445 or



9-10 National Green Centre, presented by the Western Nursery and Landscape Association, St. Louis, Mo.--America’s Center;

11-15 The Sports Turf Managers Association Annual Conference, Austin, Texas.