Ahhh, Sweet Summer

There’s a spot in my backyard where the grass slopes gently to the property line and the lone survivor of Dutch Elm disease spreads its shade, making it perfect for a quick nap.

Last night, as the family waited for my wife to return from her weekend girls’ trip, I found myself enjoying a moment of peace in this spot--laying on my back, looking up through the leaves of the Elm tree as my kids wandered around nearby.

The twins were dumping sand over each other’s heads in the sandbox. My two older kids half-heartedly banged a volleyball back and forth over the net--conveniently using my head as the out-of-bounds marker. And, my middle child took a turn on the swings--testing out one of her new songs for the listening enjoyment of all.

In short, it was the perfect, lazy, Monday evening--perfect blue sky, perfect 70-degree temperature and, not a single activity on the old activity board.

It reminded me of the type of summer nights I experienced growing up in Wisconsin. It also reminded me of the column Ron Ciancutti submitted for this month’s edition of “A Step Ahead.” As usual, Ron has done a great job painting a beautiful image with words. One word of caution though--make sure you have time to enjoy the entire article before you sit down to read it--you won’t want to be interrupted once you dig in.

Of course, one article does not make an issue--so we also offer a variety of stories based around the things you’ll most likely be tackling as summer starts--things like, Movies in the Park, Facility Upgrades, Safe Playground Design, Special Events, Shade Solutions, Aquatics, Risk Management, Green Restrooms and so much more.

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Till next month,

Rodney J. Auth