Peroxolyte Power

A California company says its chemical products could change the way recreational pools tackle contaminant problems, such as black algae.

Truox Inc. has developed several water treatment products based around its designer oxidizers known as peroxolytes, which it says can help even severely contaminated pools recover overnight.

Roy Martin, Truox’s vice president for research and development, said some of the more powerful oxidizers that can be used are not easily stored and can be hazardous to handle. “We’ve designed the chemistry so they’re storage-stable” in a dry powder form, he said. “When they add to water, they transform."

The company offers both shock treatment and continuing treatment products.

In the line of shock treatment, the New Beginnings treatment destroys the organic material in the water to allow chlorine to activate rapidly, Martin said.

With black algae, which is very resistant to treatment, the products attack the membranes and film that protect the algae from chlorine.

“It doesn’t matter if the organics is from the perspiration of a swimmer or the waxy coating on the algae,” Martin said. “What you’re doing is compromising the structural integrity of the protective membrane. … Even with low levels of chlorine, the chlorine can penetrate it and kill the algae. What you’re doing is enhancing the performance of the primary sanitizer.”

So rather than closing a pool for several days and loading it up with chlorine to attack the algae, aquatics operators can shock the pool with peroxolytes and reopen after just a short time, even overnight, Martin said. “Within hours of adding even hundreds of parts per million of peroxolytes to the water, it’s going to be gone.”

For continuing treatment, Purolyte Plus is designed for use with a 24/7 feed system, providing pool managers with a performance guarantee. Martin said it’s ideal for high-use indoor facilities.

It works even while swimmers are in the pool, Martin said. “You’re actually decomposing the organics as they’re being added,” he said, pointing to a major university that had slashed its chlorine use in a competitive pool after using Purolyte Plus. “That’s the kind of capability this chemistry allows.”

Truox also offers Purolyte Plus HD, a high-demand product for use with outdoor spray parks, toddler pools and other small-volume, high-use facilities, and Truox Spa Treatment, for use with spas.

The company is preparing to release a new product, Pool Dynamite, that Martin said can destroy cyanuric acid, compared to conventional thinking of draining pools to reduce the levels.

Martin said Truox has 32 patents either approved or pending, and this is its specialty. “We don’t sell commodity goods or repackage them,” he said. “Everything we do is designer oxidizer technology.”

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Dan Shortridge is a freelance writer and editor from Delaware. He worked for five years as an outdoor skills instructor and director at a Boy Scout summer camp in Maryland.