Your Calling?

According to Kim Uhlik, author of our monthly department titled “Manager’s Toolbox,” a Job is what you do, a Profession is who you are, and a Calling is what you profess.

If that’s true, then the parks and recreation world has an inordinate number of folks who look at their daily work as a calling--people who, in Kim’s words, “publicly profess their beliefs through authentic word and action,” and move beyond simply managing their agencies to, instead, “become an advocate involved at the state, regional and national levels.”

These are the people who participate in e-mail list serves, diligently sharing knowledge with agencies near and far. These are the people who travel to trade shows to present workshops. These are the people who, as Kim says, “preach the good word about creating meaningful lives through parks and recreation to all who will listen, and make your life meaningful as a result.”

These are the people who write for PRB each and every month--and we’re damn thankful to each of them for taking the time to help us.

I invite you to join them. If you’re interested in writing, have an idea to share, or are just curious about how the process works, please e-mail me or give me a call.

We’d love to help you share your calling with our readers.

Till next month,

Rodney J. Auth