NGI Sports Gives Tennis a New Kind of "Green"

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (April 2, 2007) - Environmentally-friendly tennis court surfaces are being developed one layer at a time by NGI Sports, a division of River City Athletics, LLC. Over the past nine years NGI has developed and offered tennis court surfaces utilizing recycled and sustainable elements.

Not only known for surfacing systems that are economical and aesthetically pleasing, NGI is also setting the standard in the industry by applying environmentally sensitive methods for manufacturing and installation of tennis courts. The company provides surfacing systems that replace the use of solvent and petroleum-based materials and employ alternative "green" materials instead. NGI surfaces also last longer and can be installed easily over deteriorating surfaces.

NGI's Nova'ProBounce system, a cushioned, all-weather surface system, replaces environmentally unfriendly solvent and petroleum based asphalt pavements. Alternatively, the production process used for the construction of the ProBounce court surface is a smart energy choice because it does not employ high volumes of fossil fuels or release hazardous gases, such as carbon dioxide, because no heavy equipment is required for the installation process. Asphalt and concrete (traditional court surfaces) require the use of heavy construction equipment that consumes large volumes of fossil fuels for both delivery and installation. Fossil fuels are also the basis for heating and making asphalt pliable for installation and clean up.

The installation process of NGI's court surfaces is an easy process: not only is the need for heavy equipment not necessary, but also the process is environmentally non-invasive to the current landscaping and existing vegetation. Fencing and amenities are not removed as all work can be completed within the fence line. Landscaping can be salvaged because it is not destroyed during the construction process.

ProBounce is a monolithic pavement that is constructed through energy efficient technology using cold-applied, water-based resin coatings and natural aggregates for tennis court construction. The patented pavement NGI works with also utilizes a urethane waterproofing, which is made from 60 to 70 percent recycled and sustainable natural materials by weight. Components of the coating are based on polymers extracted from soybean oil, a renewable resource that, unlike petroleum, is easily and readily replenished without harm to the environment. Additionally, it is a stronger material than traditional latex backing that requires extreme heat in the production-curing process.

For installation effectiveness, NGI has moved away from the practice of using solvent-based adhesives that may be dangerous to the environment or to the user. During court installation, tape and adhesives utilized for seaming processes make for a long-lasting court. Instead of using solvent-based adhesives, NGI courts are joined by one-component moisture cure urethane adhesives. When combined with their eco-friendly urethane coated backings, these adhesives not only last longer and provide maximum playability, but also do not risk harm to the environment nor to human health.

All NGI surfaces are divorced slipsheets - free-floating above the surface - that can be installed directly over badly cracked existing asphalt and concrete courts. These surfaces are very efficient because the existing base materials of a court do not need to be removed and the deteriorating pavement can be recycled. Recycling the cracked pavement is accomplished by completing surface repairs and then using the existing damaged pavement as the base for this new process. An added appeal, NGI's systems are guaranteed against cracks from below transmitting to the finished monolithic pavement on top.

In addition to resurfacing, the patented ProBounce system can also be used in new construction and installed directly over a crushed rock base, eliminating the need for an asphalt or concrete underlayment. White Bear Racquet Club in Minnesota recently installed this surface over an in-ground radiant heat system and crushed rock base to maximize player comfort and minimize energy consumption. The radiant heat delivers heating during the winter to the player, transmitted from heated water from below the surface instead of gas heat blown from above. The blown gas heat rises and must be pushed down from ceiling fans and requires three times the energy to warm players, which is inefficient.

Innovation at NGI Sports is nothing new, and creating courts made from eco- friendly materials is their newest mission: creating a healthier environment and longer-lasting court, thus, a healthier and longer-lasting planet.

NGI Sports, a division of River City Athletics, LLC, has been a sports surfacing leader for over 20 years. For more information call 800-835-0033 or visit

EZ Dock selected to provide Floating Docks for the Toyota Texas Bass Classic to be held on Lake Fork, Texas

Monett, MO, USA—EZ Dock, Inc. has been selected to provide all Floating Docks to be used by the anglers and officials of the Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC), a $1 million professional fishing tournament to be held April 13 – 15, 2007, at Lake Fork, TX. The event will be the first professional fishing tournament of its kind ever held at Lake Fork. The TTBC will observe the restrictive slot limits of this famed Texas bass lake, and thereby highlight the conservation objectives served by such restrictions. The tournament will benefit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and its outdoor recreation programs.

“EZ Dock, Inc., in conjunction with its independent distributor, EZ Dock of Texas, is pleased to provide EZ Dock Floating Docks for such a major event as the Toyota Texas Bass Classic," said Curtis Downs, Global Sales Manager, for EZ Dock, Inc. "This is a perfect venue to showcase the unique benefits of EZ Dock products to sportsmen, conservationists, environmentalists and the general public alike. There are few, if any other companies that could provide this quantity of Floating Docks in such a short timeframe. EZ Dock’s unique modular design allows our distributors, such as EZ Dock of Texas, to have stock readily available in the marketplace to react quickly to its customers’ needs. The patented EZ Dock pylon floatation design provides foam-free, environmentally friendly floatation with unsurpassed stability while EZ Dock’s patented recycled rubber coupling system offers maximum flexibility and ease of installation. Top these qualities off with its beige color, which keeps it ‘cooler to the touch’ in the hot sun, and you have a Floating Dock System that is a perfect fit for the Toyota Texas Bass Classic."

EZ Dock is part of the PlayPower, Inc. group, and continues to be the leading manufacturer of durable, polyethylene floating dock systems and lifts worldwide. EZ Dock is proud of its highly stable, easily installed docking systems, and of its famous EZ Port products, which pioneered the PWC lift concept. More information on EZ Dock products is available at

PlayPower, Inc. is the global leader in the production of recreation equipment and accessories with more than 1,000 employees worldwide. PlayPower uses its global network of innovative companies to provide customers with uniquely designed playgrounds, park amenities and floating dock equipment. PlayPower is known around the world for giving inspiration to its products with brand names such as Miracle Recreation Equipment, Little Tikes Commercial, SoftPlay, HAGS, SMP, RSS, Record Playground Equipment Ltd., and EZ Dock. More information is available at

The Toyota Texas Bass Classic is sanctioned by the PAA with technical assistance and support from TPW Inland Fisheries Division. Title sponsor for the event is Toyota, presenting sponsor is Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and the City of Lindale is the official host city. Entertainment for the tournament will include Clay Walker, Tracy Lawrence, Danielle Peck, Zona Jones, Kacey Musgraves and Todd Fritsch. More information is available at

For Further Information:

Curtis Downs

EZ Dock, Inc.

13620 East Reese Blvd.

Suite 300

Huntersville, NC 28078

704-904-4067 Mobile

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Attractive and Secure Bike Parking

Secure bicycle parking is a necessity for playgrounds, schools, parks and other public places. Bike rack styles to fit the bikes, the landscape design and the budget are also needed. That’s why Pilot Rock brand bike racks come in many different styles, with parking available for 1 to 20 bikes. The colorful Bike Block is molded from 100% recycled plastic offered in 9 colors. The Bike Block serves as a heavy “anchor” for one bike, and it can also be bolted to the surface for a permanent location. Group Bike Blocks to provide the number of parking stalls needed.

Pilot Rock Park Equipment is designed and manufactured in the United States by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc., Cherokee, IA, since 1959. The Pilot Rock product line includes picnic tables, pedestal grills, park and street site benches, campfire rings, bike racks, trash and recycling receptacles and lids, lantern poles and more. Shop online at

Athletica’s SoftCap Scores Big on Safety

New product makes rink dasher boards more forgiving

MINNEAPOLIS (March 26, 2007) – Bone-rattling board collisions are an inevitable part of life for hockey players. This season, more players will skate away from potentially serious injuries thanks to a new product from Minnesota-based Athletica, a leading provider of safety engineered rink


SoftCap™* is a flexible cover that fastens on top of rink dasher boards. Designed by Athletica, the product uses hollow channels to absorb impact 96% better than the traditional HDPE cap rail, according to independent testing. Data indicates SoftCap will reduce head, chin, elbow and other injuries. The NHL’s New York Islanders were the first team to install the product, and several more orders are in process.

One More Piece of the Safety Puzzle

Athletica, supplier of 75% of NHL dasher boards, has designed and patented a number of products which provide a more forgiving environment for the game. CheckFlex® and GlassFlex® impact-absorbing dasher and shielding systems have demonstrated success at the professional level as well as with community-based rinks. Dedicated to building safety through innovation, Athletica has now developed a more forgiving surface at the most likely point of contact on the boards—at the top of the dasher.

A High Performance Solution

Together, Athletica and Intek Plastics ( devised a product design that accomplished goals for safety, aesthetics and ease of installation.

“Knowledge and skill in plastics were vital to create this product,” observed Joel Rhode, applications engineer for Intek Plastics. “It allowed us to produce the intricate product design with superior quality.”

SoftCap is manufactured from Santoprene, a flexible, colorable plastic that absorbs impact well in cold conditions. The design evolved into a four-piece, modular system that would compensate for rink variations and allow for installation in any arena.

According to Athletica engineer Matt Palumbo, the project was a success. “The product offers everything we hoped for in terms of safety and adaptability to all rinks,” noted Palumbo. “It was very well-received by the NHL. Referees and players commented that they don’t notice a difference from the old cap rail to SoftCap, which is exactly what we were working toward in terms of effect on play.”

Coming Soon to a Rink Near You

SoftCap has been released for full production for new and existing Athletica rinks. With a high level of interest in SoftCap at the NCAA, high school and recreational level, Athletica looks forward to introducing this important safety feature across the entire rink industry. In striving to create the safest environment for the players, spectators, and staff, Athletica is already moving on to their next project. Meanwhile, SoftCap is proving to be another benchmark that continues to improve the game of hockey through Service, Safety, and Innovation.

*Patent Pending

15300 25th Avenue N., Suite 600 •Minneapolis, MN 55447 •1.800.809.RINK (7465) •763.249.RINK (local) • 763.249.7475 (fax) • Contact: Kristin Fahrner, Athletica (800) 809-RINK (7465), x223 •

About Athletica

Benefiting from four decades of industry experience, Athletica builds world-class sport solutions, including Crystaplex ice hockey rinks and arena products, Border Patrol Permanent and Portable in-line hockey rinks and GamePlex multi-sport rinks. As a Preferred Rink Equipment Supplier to the NHL, Athletica’s ice dasher systems are found in most NHL arenas and in over 3,000 rink systems worldwide. Athletica strives to improve the game, building safety through innovation, with patents and patents pending on several of its products.

For more information on SoftCap or other Athletica products, please call Kristin Fahrner at (800) 809-RINK, x223, or visit

New Silt-Fence Installer Attachment Provides Faster, More Secure Installation Method

(WEST FARGO, N.D. — April 2007) Contractors who need to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements to control storm water runoff can do so more efficiently — all while minimizing manual labor — with the new silt-fence installer attachment from Bobcat Company, a business of Ingersoll Rand, a diversified industrial firm.

This new attachment is especially beneficial to those in the construction, landscaping and rental markets. The EPA mandates that contractors control storm water runoff and discharge of pollutants if one acre or more of land is disturbed. In addition to these federal requirements, some states and municipalities have even stricter erosion control guidelines.

The Bobcat® silt-fence installer attachment provides a faster and more secure method of installing silt fence than the old methods of trenching or digging by hand. The attachment is approved for use on Bobcat skid-steer loaders (models S220 through S330), compact track loaders (models T180 through T300), the A300 all-wheel steer loader, as well as compact tractors with up to 100 hp and a Class I or Class II three-point hitch.

With the Bobcat silt-fence installer, silt-fence material is quickly threaded under a rod and through the chute on the blade. The attachment is then lowered into the ground to a maximum depth of 20 inches, and the silt fence unrolls automatically as the machine is driven backward. The quick-change cap that mounts on the end of the silt-fence holder includes a spring-loaded plate that ensures proper tension so the roll won’t unwind unintentionally.

Several features of the new silt-fence installer attachment help make it efficient and secure. For example, operators can quickly thread the silt-fence fabric by making only one 45-degree fold, without needing to open an attachment panel. With minor changes to the roll holder, the attachment quickly adapts to fit wider silt-fence material measuring 36, 42 and 48 inches. When beginning installation, centering springs help keep the blade straight, while a coulter wheel slices turf, roots and other ground obstructions to assist blade penetration. The attachment also features a replaceable tooth that cuts into the ground and helps pull the blade through.

There are also four mounting options to fit customers’ needs, including loader center mounted, three-point hitch center mounted, three-point hitch 72-inch side-shift frame, and three-point hitch 84-inch side-shift frame. Side-shift mounting frames enable operators to install silt fence in the optimal position. Operators can slightly offset the attachment to gain better visibility to the blade, or they can offset the attachment completely to get close to obstacles.

Because many construction sites utilize compact tractors and loaders, Bobcat offers mounting frames that will easily accommodate both machines with an adapter frame that can be installed or removed in seconds. For easy mounting to compact tractors with three-point hitches, the attachment features prop stands that can be stowed away when not in use. Bobcat also offers a hydraulic top-link kit, which is recommended for compact tractors because it elevates the silt-fence installer blade higher off the ground.

For the name of the nearest Bobcat dealer, visit For more information, visit

Ingersoll Rand is a world leader in the field of compact vehicles and equipment. The widely known Bobcat brand includes an extensive line of powerful, nimble compact construction equipment and attachments, and our state-of-the-art engineering capabilities and stylish designs are reflected in our world famous Club Car® vehicles. For more information, visit or