Till Death Do Us Part

Taking on a deeply personal topic, Ron Ciancutti’s January column titled “Wedding Vows” generated a large response – even by Ron’s standards.

Reprinted here is just a sampling of the mail we received in response. Interestingly, with the exception of one letter, the mail was entirely positive.


Mr. Ciancutti,

I would like to thank you for your beautiful, truthful and timely article titled “Wedding Vows. I Do, Forever.” I was surprised to see this topic in a parks and recreation magazine that I casually opened in my office today. I was even more surprised to see how simply but poignantly you covered a topic that most people try to ignore. Thank you again. I am overjoyed to see someone unafraid to write about truth.

Thank you,

Natalie Hellerstedt

Administrative Senior, PARD-Aquatics

Austin, Texas

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Hello, my name is Christine and I just received Parks & Rec Business magazine. I was flipping through it and your article caught my eye. I just had a child 4 months ago and am not married. I keep going back a forth about what I will lose and gain.

My fiancée and I have had some problems that have been caused by my decision of whether to get married or not. Reading your article was like looking into my life, you are right about how much as a society we have changed when it comes to commitment. I just wanted to say that your article was great and really has helped me realize what is going on and that I do want to have the "the little club" together as a family.

Thanks for writing that article. It was great.


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Hello Ron,

I just finished reading your article "Wedding Vows 'I Do, Forever'" in the January issue of Parks & Rec Business and I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it. I am not very good at words but you made a great point that we must sacrifice things to keep our vows. I really do believe that. And when you said your son had all of his grandparents at Grandparents Day and that he was bursting with pride that brought tears to my eyes. I have a baby boy and that is what I hope for his future.

Thanks for the article.

Julie Leslie

Senior Graphic Designer


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I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your article in the recent Parks & Rec Business magazine. I found what you wrote enlightening. As an Italian man, I strongly believe in family. To hear my grandparents talk about how it was " back in the day" gives me a strong sense of honor and tradition. I only hope and pray I can be half of what they are. Thank you again for writing such a compelling article.

Sal J. Rovetto

Recreation Program Supervisor

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Thoroughly enjoyed your article on wedding vows. Many are the times I've ranted about the same thing. Thanks for doing such a nice job articulating my thoughts.

Carol Kirkland

Admin. Assistant

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Mr. Ciancutti,

I really enjoy and appreciate your articles in Parks & Rec Business magazine. It’s encouraging to hear someone stand up for wholesome, traditional values.

I hope you’ll keep writing. I look forward to next month’s article.

Thank you,

Brad Barnes, Assistant Director

Incline Village Parks and Recreation Department

Incline Village, Nevada

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Really enjoyed your "Wedding Vows" article in the recent issue of Parks & Rec Business. It came at a very timely moment in my life. You are extremely lucky to have the strong family background from your grandparents and your children are very lucky to have that same support from you.

On the business side it really hits home with our park families too. You made the statement, "if we continue to lead and live in such a sloppy, self-centered manner, how can we expect our children to make the world a better place?"

Look at it this way "If we continue to lead and live in such a sloppy, self-centered manner, how can we expect our employees to make our parks a better place?"

Thanks for the great article.

Glenna Stricklett

Hamilton County Park District

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Dear Ron,

I just read your article on marriage that you wrote.... you nailed it!

Excellent and well said. If you take any flack from anyone for your stand please take heart that you are in alignment with our Creator's thoughts on the issue!

Thanks for being bold and speaking out on an issue that I believe is important even to the ongoing survival of our nation. Family/ marriage is key to the framework that upholds it.

Keep up the great work.

Michael C. Smith, C.P.R.P.

Director of Recreation, City of Wadsworth, Ohio

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Your article WEDDING VOWS is great. I made copies for my kids they’re 28 and 32 of age. Thank you for writing it, wish everyone in recreation and outside of it will make an effort to read it.

Bernie Rangel

Cleveland Metroparks


Wedding Vows – “Where Have You Been?”

Mr. Ciancutti,

I just read your article, "Wedding Vows". Wow, where have you've been? The idea that women are to stay home and wait for their husbands to come home and have dinner on the table is very arrogant and chauvinistic. How about the thousands of families dealing drugs, alcohol, not to mention all the other social issues? Are they to stay in those marriages, for the sack of the "I Do, Forever?"

I found your article to be totally out of place - it doesn't belong in a parks and recreation professional magazine, rather it should be in a right-wing magazine.

For your information, I am married and have children and work a full-time job. My husband and I share the duties of the household, like it should be in every marriage.

Laurie Olson

Neenah Parks & Recreation


The New You – Reader Response

Dear Mr. Ciancutti:

I know that the best part about receiving my issue of Parks & Rec Business, is always reading your column. The "The New You", column touched me deeply. Thanks for all your columns.

Daryl Zappe

Landscape Maintenance Supt

Robert A Bothman, Inc.

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Mr. Ron Ciancutti,

I just read your article "The New You" in the recent edition of Parks & Rec Business magazine. Thanks for writing about a topic that has been on my mind lately. It's becoming more and more important for me to "come to grips with" what really matters in my life. And your article is a big help, personally.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

Russ Scholl, Construction Planner


Marine Corps Community Services

Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA


Kudos To PRB


As I was clearing off my desk before leaving for Cleveland and the OPRA conference, I just wanted to take a minute to comment on the February 2007 issue of Parks & Rec Business.

I found no less than five articles fascinating and very helpful. Several of these will be distributed to our board and staff. Keep up the great work.


Ken Katafias, CPRP

Operations Manager

Sylvania Recreation Corp.


Nature Friendly Golf Courses – Reader Response

Hello Dr. Shragg,

I saw your article in Parks & Rec Business and would like to get in touch with Audubon International and find out more about this program. Our City recently purchased a nine-hole golf course and we are in the process of remodeling it. We already have deer and other wildlife on the property and would like to do more to be environmentally friendly.

Please help me contact them.

Thank you for your help!

Jeanne Fitzgibbons - Office Manager

City of Orange Beach Parks & Recreation