Riding Herd

Yesterday, as we went through all the steps to finalize yet another issue of Parks & Rec Business, it occurred to me that I am finally living my childhood dream--I am now a cowboy.

Well, not the one I envisioned. I don’t ride a horse (too allergic), I don’t own or work for a ranch (too expensive), and I don’t herd or rope cattle (too messy), but in many ways my struggles and those of the working cowboy are one and the same.

I get up early, drink lots of coffee, sometimes use crusty language, always work to be courteous to women, and spend my days riding herd and mending fences.

This month is a good example. As with all issues, we started with a detailed plan--a focus of ideas and concepts that would act as our trail map on this month’s cattle drive. Supplies were laid-in (writers contacted, stories assigned), and my staff of cattle-punchers put on their hats, mounted their trusty steeds, and went to work rounding up advertisers, photos and stories in hopes of delivering them all to you in a fun and informative format at the end of our drive.

As with most months, it was a wild ride, full of sharp turns, complications and challenges, but in the end, like always, it was an absolute blast.

I hope you have as much fun reading it as we had putting it together.

Happy Trails!

Rodney J. Auth