Fun Facts About Grand Forks, N.D.

Information provided by the National Weather Service in Grand Forks, N.D.

Average Temperatures (highs/lows averaged together)

December 11.6 degrees

January 4.9 degrees

February 10.0 degrees

March 23.9 degrees

Average Snowfall

December 7.2 inches

January 7.7 inches

February 5.5 inches

March 6.0 inches

*Did you know that Grand Forks receives an average of 40 inches of snow per year? The snow in Grand Forks tends to stay longer but we typically get less snow than areas to the south.

*Grand Forks retains one or more inches of snow on the ground for approximately 107 days of the year (or one-third of the year).

Monthly Extremes

Record Highs December 58 degrees 1939

January 54 degrees 1990

February 67 degrees 2000

Record Lows December -37 degrees 1933

January -43 degrees 1912

February -42 degrees 1936

March -36 degrees 1948