Up In The Air

Like all my backyard projects, it started small. Just a few holes in the ground, some cement, a post or two and voila, a tree house.

Reality was, of course, something quite different. I dug the holes, placed the poles and cemented them in. Three days later (seven earlier then recommended on the back of the bag, but you can only hold three kids off for so long) the whole Auth clan hit the backyard cutting, pounding and generally having a blast.

As we built, we designed, which, as I found out, was not good for the budget. My oldest daughter (7) decided we needed to have a front deck, my son (9) added a deck to the back and my youngest daughter (4) contented herself with indiscriminately pounding nails into every board we put up. (Hint: if you ever find yourself in my backyard, don’t walk under the tree house and stand up.)

Each night, we gathered around the dinner table to discuss possible design changes and plan the next day. The whole family was fully engaged. Each person’s opinion counted. Each person’s individual talents were used to complete the job. (Guess who did all the heavy lifting?)

Looking back, I realized the weeklong experience was so fun, so powerful, because it re-centered our family after a busy summer of t-ball, softball and travel baseball. Without recognizing it, we had been running so hard for so long that we were actually longing for time to reconnect as a family. The tree-house project was just what we needed to prepare us for the start of an equally busy, but fun season of football, soccer and school.

As winter turns to spring here in Ohio, we know that each of you is in a state of transition. Busily preparing for the opening of your camp’s summer programs. Like our family, I’m sure each of your staff is fully engaged in the process. Ideas are being bantered about and each person’s talents are being put to maximum use.

To help you as you prepare for a busy summer, we’ve put together our Annual Buyer’s Guide – chock full of tips and tricks, products and services that just might help you work faster, cheaper, cleaner and just might help you transition smoothly into your summer programming.

If nothing else, it’s full of pretty pictures.

Enjoy our monthly tribute to children’s camping and, if you find yourself with a free moment, drop me an e-mail (Rodney@northstarpubs.com) or give me a call at 866-444-4216 and fill me in on the happenings at your dinner table. We’d love to feature you in a future issue of Camp Business.


Rodney J. Auth

President & Publisher