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Pool Disinfection Systems

ERLANGER, Ky. -- Aquionics medium pressure UV disinfection systems provide safe and effective treatment for pools, water rides and spas, increasing bather safety, reducing chemical consumption and extending equipment life. The systems destroy potentially harmful bacteria, such as cryptosporidium, which can cause skin and respiratory tract infections. Use of Aquionics UV systems allows chlorine levels to be kept to a minimum, with only a trace residual amount needed. UV also has an important secondary action -- destruction of chloramines, the compounds responsible for corrosion of pool equipment and unpleasant smells in the pool. Aquionics systems use UV monitors and Photon controllers to measure and adjust lamp output. Automatic wipers keep the quartz sleeves surrounding the UV lamps clean, and power switching ensures UV output varies according to demand. The systems are compact and can usually be installed within existing pipe work. The only regular maintenance required is changing the UV lamp every six months -- a simple operation that can easily be carried out by on-site staff. For more information, call (800) 925-0440 or go to

Aqua Cycles

YORBA LINDA, Calif. -- Aqua-Cycle International offers its tricycle on the water, the Aqua Cycle. Made of space-age polymer (polyethylene plastic) to withstand sun, rain, salt water, abrasions and rental abuse, the Aqua Cycle can be used at beaches, bays and marinas. Available in five colors, Aqua Cycles are fun and easy to ride, and can be profitable rental items. Steer with the front wheel and pedal with the rear wheels. No training or special lessons are necessary. The three large buoyant wheels support even the heaviest load and are very difficult to capsize. For more information, call (800) 970-2688 or go to


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- Park Structures introduces The MaxClimb Quest Climber. The Quest is a unique combination of cable and sculpted plastic that will fit in playgrounds with limited space, while still allowing for visibility of the entire playground. The component offers solid-surface vertical and lateral climbing, as well as cabling that creates a different experience with each step. Design a playground structure using The Quest as a deck-to-deck link or update an existing playground with the freestanding version. For more information, call (800) 727-1907 or go to

Pool Cleaners

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Aqua Vac manufactures 12 different models of commercial and residential pool cleaners, all of which are totally independent of the pool's filter system. All of the cleaners are completely automatic, require no hook-ups or hoses, and have a patented removable filter cartridge system that makes clean-up easy and convenient. Product lines include the TigerShark line -- which includes five different models available for small commercial pools up to 30x60 -- and MakoShark and Kingshark line -- which includes five models that can include special remote control features, optional swivel to minimize cord twisting and Auto Turn, which keeps the cleaner from getting caught in lane markers or stuck in unusual corners. For more information, call (800) 327-0141 or go to

Aquatic Workout Station

TEQUESTA, Fla. -- Aquatic Trends Inc. offers the Aquatrend Water Workout Station. It is lightweight, compact, simple to install, easy to use, and provides effective, low-impact aquatic workouts for people of all ages, swimmers and non-swimmers. It is manufactured of marine-grade stainless steel, takes up little pool space and can be used indoors and outdoors. The Water Workout Station provides a platform for a variety of exercises to tone and strengthen muscle, increase flexibility and promote good cardiovascular health, and can be used for orthopedic rehab. It is priced at $1,195 and can also be leased for under $1 per day. For more information, call (800) 775-9588 or go to

Spreader Covers

PELLA, Iowa -- Lely USA Inc., has custom fit covers available for all of its broadcast fertilizer spreaders. The covers are designed to stop material spillage on the turf and to protect from moisture and rain. The covers are made from nylon pack/urethane with elastic fit and viewing window. To find a nearby dealer and for more information go to and hit the LOCATOR key, or call (888) 245-4684 x2.

Riding Field Marking Machine

AURORA, Colo. -- Newstripe Inc announces improved features on the NewRider 2000 riding field marking machine. Alloy steel axles, integrated heat shield and reduced height improves the overall durability and value of the NewRider 2000. The machine's 55-gallon tank can paint up to 22,000 feet of 4" line, lining up to 25,000 feet per hour. Features include an all-welded structural steel chassis, 10 hp commercial grade engine, dual paint pumps and hydrostatic transmission. It also features center and side-mounted dual spray heads, seat-based operator controls, rear hitch and dual in-line filters, and comes standard with a hand gun for stencil and other special painting needs. For more information, call (800) 624-6706 or go to

Playground Climber

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- Playworld Systems offers the Crescent Climber. The colorful climber is constructed of crescent-shaped, stackable parts that lock together in endless configurations, bringing a unique element to any play environment. The Crescent Climber can be either a freestanding or modular component. For more information, call (800) 233-8404 or go to

Secure Lockers

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. -- ProLawn Equipment LLC offers ProLockers, which are designed to meet and exceed all DOT regulations for cargo securement. ProLockers are designed for safely transporting wheeled equipment from job site to job site, or to multiple sites within a single area. ProLockers eliminates the need for straps, ties or chains. Drive equipment onto the truck or trailer into the device and it snaps in place. Step off and make sure the pin is in the locked position and walk away. ProLockers hold securely, preventing shifting and keeping the equipment from getting damaged or from damaging the truck or trailer or other items being transported. For more information, call (772) 229-1930 or go to

Pond & Lake Management Catalog

CINCINNATI -- Jones Fish and Lake Management introduces its 2005, 40-page, full-color catalog that details over 300 lake management products, such as lake fountains, diffused aeration systems, gamefish stocking, algaecides and herbicides for aquatic weed control, modular floating docks, mosquito control products and water garden supplies. The catalog also offers information regarding the maintenance of a healthy fishery, fish stocking recommendations and control techniques for nuisance aquatic weeds such as cattails or duckweed. For more information, call (800) 662-3474 or go to

Sport Stacking

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Speed Stacks Inc. offers everything needed for a successful sport stacking program. Cup Stacking has officially been renamed Sport Stacking by the World Sport Stacking Association, which oversees this "track meet for your hands at warp speed; a jaw-dropping display of dexterity; a mind-numbing manipulative motor skill." Sport Stacking offers something for all ages and abilities. For more information about starting a sport stacking program and for a free set of Speed Stacks, call (877) GOT-CUPS or go to

Water Features

MALONE, N.Y. -- The Watercannon 1.5 by Living Waters Aeration is new for the 2005 summer season. The self-priming aerator unit pumps 110 gallons per minute, and is rated 115/120 volts, 20 amps. The company's aeration systems are designed to safely replenish necessary fresh oxygen supplies into the water re-circulation, and helps control and reduce water temperature. The Watercannon 1.5 is also a unique and fun water feature for kids to play under. During early morning, late afternoon and evening operation, water can be cleansed and cooled. The U.S. Olympic Committee purchased a Watercannon for the 2004 Athens competition, since 80 to 82 degrees is ideal for competition swimming. The company provides a safety yellow heavy-gauge electrical cord with watertight ground fault and connections. There is also an intake assembly with safety hydro flow covers. For more information, call (518) 483-6307 or go to

Mountain Boards

COLORADO SPRINGS -- MBS mountainboards are durable, lightweight and allow kids of any size to quickly learn balance and maneuvering skills. MBS has developed a comprehensive mountainboard program that is fun, safe and easy to implement. It includes a startup guide, complete mountainboard fleet with brakes, protective safety gear, maintenance packs and an instructional program for camp counselors. For more information, call (877) MBS-4100 or go to

Utility Loaders

FORT MILL, S.C. -- Boxer Equipment offers Boxer Compact Utility Loaders, which enable maintenance professionals to acquire one machine with an array of attachments. Boxer Compact Utility Loaders are available with a variable track system, allowing the unit to maneuver through gates or fences and with the shift of a lever, widens the stance for optimal stability. The diesel loader has an operating capacity of 850 lbs, a dump height of almost five feet, a ride-on platform and a light footprint. Boxer Equipment also offers the Mini-Excavator for tough excavation work in limited working space. For more information, call (800) 476-9673 or go to

RV Park Products

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. -- RV Park Hookups Inc., a Marina Power and Lighting Inc. company, manufactures power pedestals for the RV park and campground industry. The company also custom-builds power substations and digital electronic meters. RV Park Hookups sells transformers, wire and electrical panels and offer electrical design for campground layouts. Along with 30/50/20 power, additional options include water, phone, cable TV, high-speed Internet modules (RJ 45) and digital electronic metering with wireless remote reading also available. For more information, call (800) 723-8009 or go to

Portable Access Ramps

MILLBURN, N.J. -- Suspended Aquatic Mentor Inc. offers the Roll-A-Ramp, featuring instant, safe and portable access to pools, buildings, vans for wheelchairs, scooters and persons with difficulty walking. The Roll-A-Ramp has strong and lightweight aerospace extruded aluminum construction, patented roll-up design for easy removal, installation and storage, components that are corrosion-resistant for many years of service, engineered for use indoors or outdoors, handrails for comfort and security, 30"-wide ramp that accommodates any size wheelchair or scooter and 1,000-pound load capacity rating. It is available in many different lengths to suit individual needs. For more information, contact Sam Cynamon at (888) 376-3335.

Sky Rail

MINNEAPOLIS -- Landscape Structures introduces the Sky Rail, a challenging play event that comes in two distinct forms -- an integrated ground-to-deck climber or an independent play event. As an integrated component, it offers creative and challenging ways to move from the ground to a 64" or 72" deck and its unique shape presents many climbing routes and play variety. As an independent event, the Sky Rail's climbing legs provide stability and safety and provides many climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty, and can accommodate many children at one time. The Sky Rail is constructed from powder-coated steel and is available in any of 15 different powder coat colors to match your play structure. For more information, call (888) 4FUNLSI or go to

Jug Filler

ARLINGTON, Tenn. -- Most Dependable Fountains Inc. re-introduces its Jug Filler, Model Number 125. The pedestal jug filler is operated by a simple push of the mushroom-shaped push button, activating a quick closing valve. The jug filler is designed to withstand vandalism and eliminate maintenance. The pedestal jug filler is offered in nine standard colors on 3/16" thick steel or nine standard color on 304 schedule 10 stainless steel. The Model 125 may be ordered in direct bury installation or surface mount installation. For more information, call (800) 552-6331 or go to

Advertising Receptacle

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- United Receptacle has added a new three-sided ad panel receptacle to the Classics by Howard Products line. The receptacle has three large, changeable message windows that can be used to generate revenue by selling the ad space to local or national advertisers. Or, use the ad panels to display your own ad or logo. The durable powder-coated steel frame holds the three Plexiglas message windows. The 51-gallon capacity receptacle features a rigid plastic liner, cable secure lid and leg levelers to provide stability on uneven surfaces. For more information, call (800) 233-0314 or go to

Water Slide Catalog

GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- USA Slide Inc. offers a full-color catalog featuring the company's line of water slides. Products highlighted include the Aqua Adrenaline Series, Mini Park Series, Aquatic Play Series (spray park features) and Residential Series. Each product line includes photos and illustrations, along with highlights and features. USA Slide also announces an agreement to acquire the assets and intellectual property of Morning Star manufacturing, which allows USA Slide to expand its portfolio of water slides to include one- and two-person inner tube rides. For more information, call (800) 872-7543 or go to

Water Bouncer & Trampoline

AUBURN, Calif. -- Aqua Sports Technology announces the release of new water trampoline designs for spring 2005 -- the Island Hopper "TURTLE HOP" water bouncer and Island Hopper "TURTLE JUMP" water trampolines. The "TURTLE HOP" water bouncer sets up in minutes, is easy to transport, is constructed of 30-gauge PVC material and electronically welded seams, has graphically enhanced and independently chambered head, arms and feed (166" long head to tail and 186" wide, leg to fin), has a built-in spring-less polypropylene bouncer surface, comes as a complete set and requires no assembly. It includes a three step boarding ladder, double action hand pump, storage-carry bag, anchor bags and a repair kit. The "TURTLE JUMP" water trampoline is a heavy-duty water trampoline and was designed with arms and legs that extend to a 20-foot overall width for greater stability. It assembles in less than an hour, includes super galvanized steel springs, bolt secured interlocking frame, extra wide protective spring-frame cover pad and four-step heavy molded plastic ladder. The inflation tube features color-infused graphics, electronically-welded seams, 28 oz. 1000 denier PVC material, eight swimmer assist handles, nine stainless steel frame buckles and anchor d-rings for permanent water placement. It comes as a complete set and includes an oversized storage-carry bag and repair kit. For more information, call (800) 893-9677 or go to


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- SunX by CorTex Products Inc. offers SPF 30 sunscreens with cedar fragrance to discourage insect bites. SunX meets all current FDA regulations concerning claims, labeling and SPF 30 requirements, the company says. The sunscreen is offered in a full-size (5" x 8") foil pack towelette designed for first aid kits, and a wall-mount dispenser with a 500 ml bladder. For more information, call (877) 684-5774 or go to

Bobcat Security & GPS Package

WEST FARGO, N.D. -- Bobcat Company has introduced a Global Positioning System (GPS), theft-recovery and equipment management package available on Bobcat machines. Bobcat dealers will now offer a system with the ability to create virtual boundaries, or "geo-fences", triggering alerts when the machine leaves certain areas. It also enables GPS tracking and transmits equipment location data, operating status and engine hours on-demand or at automated intervals. The system is compatible with the entire Bobcat line, including skid-steer loaders, all-wheel steer loaders, compact track loaders, compact excavators, the Toolcat utility work machine, utility vehicles and more. For more information go to

Log Timber Buildings

MIO, Mich. -- Panel Concepts Inc. manufactures do-it-yourself log timber buildings for a variety of uses ideal for camps, including camping cabins, office cabins, craft and gift shop cabins. All buildings are made from kiln-dried select knotty pine, and produced in four-foot wide panels which eliminate pieces and high labor costs. For most cabins, the only tools needed are a level, hammer, screw gun, chalk line and ladder. Smaller cabins can be assembled in one day. Panel Concept cabins offer the flexibility to design a cabin with a specific use in mind. Some can even be disassembled and moved as needs change. For more information, call (989) 826-6511 or go to

Receptacle Holders

CHEROKEE, Iowa --Pilot Rock Park Equipment offers Trash Receptacle Holders designed to both disguise and protect the liner inside. The Model TRH holders come in 20-, 32- and 55-gallon capacities. Welded steel frame rings support the outer slats of lumber or 100 percent recycled plastic in a rainbow of colors. Options include a wide array of flat or domed lids for collecting trash or recycling cans and bottles. Inside you can use rigid plastic or metal lines, or Pilot Rock's Reusable Recycling Bags. For more information, call (712) 225-5115 or go to

Flooring Catalog

LINDENHURST, Ill. -- Kiefer Specialty Flooring offers a catalog of its flooring products. The product line includes rubber flooring, modular sports flooring, wet area flooring, protective floor covers, outdoor flooring, mats, dance flooring, carpet tiles, play area flooring, performance flooring, maintenance products and more. Other sports equipment, such as yoga, training and basketball equipment and portable seating is also included. For more information, call (800) 322-5448 or go to

Shelters, Gazebos & Furnishings

LITCHFIELD, Mich. -- Litchfield Industries Inc. offers shelters, gazebos and site furnishings. Shelters and gazebos are offered with bolted, tubular steel frames in the Pittsburgh All-Steel Series or the Steel Beam Series with wood roof decks. The company also offers a full line of wood shelters with the Laminated and Rustic Series. Litchfield shelters and gazebos can be easily modified to fit any design specifications, and custom-designed shelters are Litchfield's specialty. A variety of standard options and accessories are offered, including fiberglass, cedar or metal roofing packages, many column choices, overhead ornamental fretwork or lattice, handrails, cupolas and more. The company also offers a complete line of site furnishings, such as benches, picnic tables and litter receptacles. For more information, call (800) 542-5282 or go to

Arts & Crafts

FORT ATKINSON, Wis. -- NASCO Arts & Crafts introduces its 2005 catalog. Almost 1,400 new products and 16 new pages have been added to this year's catalog, featuring the latest in arts and crafts and teaching aids, supplies and equipment. Each product featured in the 524-page catalog is designed to make teaching more effective and meaningful for students from kindergarten to college. The entire NASCO Arts & Crafts catalog can be viewed on-line at to review teacher resource materials, new products, special sales and discounts on overstock and discontinued items, contests and lesson plans. For more information, call (800) 558-9595 or go to

Outdoor Seating

CHEROKKE, Iowa -- Pilot Rock park benches come in styles and materials to complement any campground, campsite, athletic and play areas or park design. Benches can be surface-mounted or embedded. Frames can be steel or recycled plastic. Seat and back materials include lumber in several species, 100 percent recycled plastic in nine colors, vinyl coated steel in five colors or aluminum. All benches incorporate a simple, rugged design that can withstand abuse by both man and nature. For more information, call (712) 225-5796, or go to

Dock Utility Channel

MONETT, Mo. -- EZ Dock offers the new EZ Dock Utility Channel, which provides chase ways for utility access to any EZ Dock section. The two-piece 20"-wide utility channel has two separate compartments for separation of utility services. The utility channel attaches to the side of any EZ Dock sections and is available in section lengths of 60" and 20" as well as inside and outside corners. The four sections provide flexibility and functionality for utility access and dock design. End panels are available for closing off the termination end of the utility channel. For more information, call (800) 654-8168 or go to

Skate Rail

MINNEAPOLIS -- Skatewave, a division of Landscape Structures Inc., has introduced its new 14-foot Roller Rail, a curved steel rail that allows skateboarders and BMXers to ride directly onto the obstacle. Roller Rails can be used individually or in succession to create a roller-coaster effect for beginner and advanced riders alike, the company says. The Roller Rail is 14 feet long and 20" high at its apex. For more information, call (866) SK8-WAVE (758-9283) or go to


LAKE TAHOE, Calif. -- Sweetwater Bungalows offers attractive pre-fabricated tent cabins that combine the strength and durability of wood (or metal) framing with soft fabric walls (low-maintenance vinyl and canvas fabric shell/rain fly). Sweetwater Bungalows are easily installed and the multi-purpose kits include real windows and door, and are available in three sizes: 10' x 12', 12' x 14' and 14' x 20', 5' or 7' wall height and 9' or 11' peak height. They are weather-proof, affordable (averaging $30 per square foot) and have a lifespan of 12-15 years. The environmentally-friendly structures rest lightly above the ground on wooden platforms and have the versatility to be moved around or taken down during the off-season. Custom options are available, as well as large-volume discounts. For more information, call (800) 587-5054 or go to

Popcorn Popper

CINCINNATI -- Gold Medal Products introduces the Econo 8 Light Duty Popcorn Machine. An 18" x 16" popper, the Econo 8 features a spun aluminum kettle, tubular heating elements, formed stainless steel kettle shell and twin hangar arm kettle mount. The cabinet is built to last and attractively designed to merchandise. For more information, call (800) 543-0862 or go to

Dock Coupler Kits

MONETT, Mo. -- EZ Dock offers coupler kits with two couplers, nut and bolt. The new composite nuts and bolts are constructed of nylon to eliminate rust and corrosion. The coupler hardware has a tamper-resistant nut and a self-locking design to eliminate the need for over-tightening. The nut will not back off due to severe environmental conditions. The coupler has a notched radius to keep the bolt from spinning in the bottom coupler, and the nuts and bolts are longer, making assembling the couplers together easier. For more information, call (800) 654-8168 or go to