Sample Request For Proposal

The following sample request for proposal format for selection of modular playground equipment was developed by Bob Holling, Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry for the City of Sun Prairie, Wis.

This system has been in use for the past 12 years by the City of Sun Prairie with several revisions to the RFP made over the years with the assistance of other parks and recreation professionals. The last revision occurred in January of 2004.

The intent of this RFP is to have a fair and equitable system in both evaluating various playground equipment proposals and making the award to a vendor based on the areas outlined in the evaluation form.

This RFP system replaces the formal bidding process and emphasizes the provision of play elements, accessible features, new components, risk management, maintenance and warranty on a system rather than making only "low bid" awards.

One of the features of the system allows for several groups of people, including department staff, members of a park commission, maintenance personnel and user groups to rate their thoughts relative to overall impression while still requiring the agency administrator to complete the evaluation process using the rating form included.

Questions can be directed to Bob Holling at or by calling him at (608) 837-3449.






Proposal Due Date: ________________

___________________NEIGHBORHOOD PARK

The City of Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department is seeking proposals for a modular play structure unit which is listed below. All equipment must consist of new and unused material.

1) The play structures shall be constructed of steel or aluminum posts, with PVC coated steps, including all transfer points and decks. Wood shall not be permitted. Use of recycled materials is permitted. All proposals shall be fully compliant with revised 1994 CPSC guidelines, F 1487-01 ASTM standards and IPEMA certification. All equipment shall be compliant with the full intent of all ADA guidelines for accessibility, play components and design.

2) Redundant play elements shall count as only ONE element in the evaluation (I.E. If three steering or panel enclosures are included in the proposal , only one of each shall count toward the total component play value). Different types of slides may be included and will be counted as separate elements.

3) All proposals should include some of the newest/latest playstructure amenities developed.

4) Up to two proposals for each structure may be submitted, if desired. If more than one is submitted,

one proposal must include at least two roofs over some of the decking.

5) The prices listed below must include all costs of the equipment, including any vendor discounts and all freight charges.

6) For proposals on play structure for ages 2-5 year old, we will allow vendors to submit Little Buddies, Playshaper, Kid Kubes, Totville, etc. systems with smaller diameter pipe in addition to their standard versions for ages 5-12 with a minimum of 4” pipe.

7) This proposal is for the following items checked ( ):

( ) One play structure for ages 2-12

-maximum budgeted amount $_______________

for equipment only

( ) One play structure for ages 2-5

-maximum budgeted amount $_______________

for equipment only

( ) One play structure for ages 5-12

-maximum budgeted amount $_______________

for equipment only

8) The following, if any, are PLAY ACTIVITIES THAT MUST BE INCLUDED in this proposal:




9) The following if any are PLAY ACTIVITIES THAT ARE NOT TO BE INCLUDED in the proposal:




10) Each submittal shall be broken down into three different elements in addition to the cost of equipment. The vendor shall be required to provide individual pricing for each element:


( ) Loose Fill Safety Surfacing

( ) Wood or ( ) Rubberized materials $___________per cubic yard or square foot

Total cost for all playstructures $___________total cost

( ) Unitary Safety Surfacing

( ) Tiles or ( ) Poured-in-place $___________per square foot

Total cost for all playstructures $___________total cost


( ) For 2-12 playstructure $___________or % of net price_____

( ) For 2-5 playstructure $___________or % of net price_____

( ) For 5-12 playstructure $___________or % of net price_____

A) Play area surfacing shall consist of compacted subgrade or original earth, upon which 4” of pea gravel or 3/4” washed stone is placed. A non woven filter fabric shall be placed immediately on top of the pea gravel or 3/4” washed stone. The top layer shall include 15” of shredded hard wood or a minimum of 8” of loose rubber infill.

B) Play area surfacing for unitary material shall be installed and the sub-grade prepared to the specifications of the unitary surface manufacturer. Manufacturer’s specifications shall be submitted with your bid.

C) All surfacing shall be compliant with the intent of the ADA as well as all applicable CPSC and ASTM requirements. The play area surfacing shall extend a minimum of 8”-0” from the nearest play equipment. The vendor shall include supplying and installing all surfacing materials.

D) The proposal and price quotations must be good for a minimum of 90 days. Only proposals submitted

by the due date listed prior will be accepted. If there are any questions, please contact Bob Holling at 608-837-3449.



The selection of the winning proposals will be based on a numerical scoring system. There are 6 categories by which the proposals will be evaluated. The proposals will be assigned a score for each category; 1 (poor), 2 (fair), 3 (good), or 4 (excellent). Each category will be weighted as shown to reflect the goals for this project.


A. Play Value 5 x _____ = _____

-quality vs. # of


B. Layout/Design & 4 x _____ = _____


-Accessible features

-variety of play events

-number of new components



C. Overall Impression 3 x _____ = _____

of proposal & equipment

C. Safety/Risk Management 4 x _____ = _____

-heights of platforms, slides, etc.


-circulation patterns

-does Vendor provide safety/risk

management programs?

D. Maintenance 3 x _____ = _____


-ease of obtaining replacement


F. Warranty & Insurance 3 x _____ = _____

-full vs. limited/Prorated warranty

Total __________

Vendor ___________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone _______________________________ Email ______________________________________

Check all that apply:

( ) meets revised 1994 CPSC ( ) meets ASTM 1487-01 ( ) meets the intent of ADA

( ) layout diagram/picture included ( ) copy of warranty attached ( ) meets IPEMA certification

___________________________________________ __________________________________


The supplier should include additional details, photographs, or other information which will support the evaluation process. Each component of the proposal shall be listed and priced separately with the aggregate total and discounts if any indicated. Freight shall also be itemized. Please state the installation costs of the play structures if your company is requested to install the equipment.

In addition, other site furnishings will be added to the site to enhance the play environment. Please list your price quotations on the following items that are check ( ); including freight on a per item basis:

( ) Free standing tire swing $__________

( ) Sand backhoe diggers $__________

( ) Sand backhoe diggers-accessible $__________

( ) Trac Ride/Glide $__________

( ) Spring (coil) mounted riders – plastic 1 person $__________

2 person $__________

( ) Spring see saw – 2 seats $__________

( ) Full bucket swing seat only $__________

( ) Slash proof belt swing seat only $__________

( ) 4 unit, 8’ high belt swing set,

contemporary style $__________

( ) 2 unit, 8’ high, full bucket swing set,

contemporary style $__________

( ) Coated swing chain – price per foot $__________

( ) 6’ PVC park bench with back, permanent mount $__________

( ) BB goals/backboard set metal $__________

glass $__________

( ) PVC picnic table regular $__________

ADA $__________

The proposal and price quotations must be good for a minimum of 90 days. Only proposals submitted by the due date listed prior will be accepted. If there are any questions, please contact Bob Holling at 608-837-3449.