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Climbing Rocks & Sculptures

FOND DU LAC, Wis. -- BCI Burke Company introduces GeoSculpt Monuments and Standards climbing rocks. Unlike plastic, the structures look, feel and climb like real rock. The GeoSculpt Standards offer eight options with experiences geared toward all ages, 2 to 10-plus. The GeoSculpt Monuments are scaled replicas of famous rock formations or man-made icons, including Stonehenge, Devil's Tower and Easter Island. There are ten monuments offered. The products are durable, maintenance-free, easy to install, are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use and meet all federal and industry playground safety standards. For more information, call (800) 356-2070 or go to

One-Piece Picnic Table

Gerber Manufacturing Ltd. introduces the 11SQ-4 square, one-piece picnic table. The tabletop is 48" square with an overall width of 79". The heavy-duty steel frame is either painted or hot-dipped galvanized. The top and seats can be made of wood, recycled plastic or aluminum. Check the company's Web site for specials. For more information, go to or call (800) 393-9233.

Synthetic Turf

ROCKY FACE, Ga. -- The Putting Green Company and X-Grass Synthetic Turf provide aesthetically pleasing and functional putting greens, lawns and multi-purpose sporting areas. X-Grass products utilize monofilament fibers to create realism for a variety of grasses. The company has installed hundreds of projects around the country with its crews, using efficient installation techniques. For more information, call (877) 881-8477 or to or

Speed Stacks Sport

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Speed Stacks Products are specially designed for the sport of cup stacking. Cup Stacking is an exciting new sport where participants stack and unstack 12 specially designed cups (Speed Stacks) in predetermined sequences, at lightning speed. Stackers race against the clock for fastest time and on relay teams, tournament style. Cup stacking reinforces setting personal goals and team work and helps develop hand-eye coordination and bilateral proficiency. For more information, call 877-GOT-CUPS (468-2877) or go to

Detachable Truck Body System

HADLEY, Pa. -- Buck's Switch-N-Go offers its Detachable Truck Body System that gives truck owners four use options in one truck chassis: quick change of bodies, loading of cargo, dumping and transport. The Switch-N-Go can become many beds safely and quickly within six minutes, which makes one truck chassis a multiple-use machine. Uses include as a dump truck, platform body, stake bed, drop box for bulk materials, chipper body, salt spreader, hydroseeder, landscaper body, water tank, tool storage body and more. For more information, call (888) 311-0867 or go to

Mobile Screener

JAMESTOWN, N.D. -- Harley introduces the 740 Mobile Screener, a four-foot screener that screens out stones, roots and trash. The 740 is a tractor-powered unit that is compact and maneuverable. Use the 740 with the Harley Power Box Rake to assist in picking up windrows or as a complete one-step seedbed preparation tool. Size and ease of operation allow the 740 to fit into any landscaping project. Harley Mobile Screeners are self-loading and clean the soil by sifting it through screens while sending stones, roots, trash and other debris into a 1/2-cu. yd. hydraulically controlled ground dump hopper. The Harley screening method offers five different screen options with hole sizes 3/8", 5/8", 3/4" to 1". The screens can be easily changed with other screens of a smaller or larger hole size as conditions warrant. For more information, call (800) 437-9779 or go to

A-Frame Table

CHEROKKE, Iowa -- Pilot Rock offers the Model AT picnic table, a traditional A-frame picnic table with steel braces for strength and durability. The picnic table is available in either treated pine or 100 percent recycled plastic, and is offered in six-foot or eight-foot lengths, plus a wheelchair accessible version that provides access points at both ends of the table. Galvanized steel cross braces and diagonal braces tie the lumber or plastic components together. Pilot Rock uses steel braces in these critical support areas to overcome a common weakness of the A-frame design -- the wobble created as the table ages and the joints become loose. For more information, call (712) 225-5796, or go to

Field Marking System

AURORA, Colo. -- Newstripe Inc. introduces the ProLine Field Marking System. The system is a simple, easy and low-cost way to keep athletic fields permanently marked. Drive the nylon locators into the ground at key field positions, attach the supplied string line to the locators and the field is ready to stripe. The locators are left in place so that fields can be marked precisely year after year. There are no open holes to catch cleats or fill with debris, and its one-piece design eliminates the need for additional pegs or plugs. Packaged in kits of 6, 12, 25 and 50 locators, they come complete with a starting tool and 600 feet of high-grade cord. For more information, call (800) 624-6706 or go to


MAYVILLE, Wis. -- Scag Power Equipment offers Turf Tiger as part of its full mower line. Turf Tiger features a low center-of-gravity, maneuverability and positive traction on all kinds of terrain. Ground speed is 10.5 mph on smaller models and 12 mph on models 29 hp and larger. Turf Tigers have a 10-gallon fuel capacity and larger models also include a comfortable suspension seat and a cup holder. New for 2005, each Turf Tiger includes a full ROPS (roll-over protection system). The Turf Tiger's 52", 61" or 72" Advantage cutter deck helps ensure maximum airflow, with engine choices ranging from 23 hp to 35 hp. For more information, call (920) 387-0100 or go to


NEW HOLLAND, Pa. -- The Earth & Turf MultiSpread 200 spreads a variety of materials for use as topdressing for athletic fields, infield mix for baseball infields, chips on pathways and salt-sand or grit on sidewalks and driveways. Capacity is 15 cubic feet with a spread width up to 60". The MultiSpreader is available in ground drive or hydraulic drive. Optional loading chute facilitates loading with buckets up to 66 inches wide and an available wing kit for the rear shield permits easy control of spread pattern width and direction. For more information, call (888) 693-2638 or go to

Crawl Tube

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- Playworld Systems offers the new Butterfly Crawl Tube. Kids move up and down like a butterfly as they climb through the up and down design of the tube. The whimsical butterfly-shaped entrances provide plenty of space for kids to crawl through and peek out. Available in a variety of colors, the crawl tube also comes in S-shaped and straight designs. For more information, call (800) 233-8404 or go to

Fitness Card Deck

SAN DIEGO -- Phil Black, a former Navy SEAL, has invented the FitDeck, an ever-changing 50-card exercise regimen, which retails at $18.95. Each playing card displays a different exercise, such as lunges or sit-ups, which are intended to be practiced for one minute. Different cards focus on different muscle groups. Shuffle the deck and you have a unique workout. Choose 20 random cards for a 20-minute workout. No equipment is needed for any of the exercises. For more information, call (858) 453-6644 or go to

Playground Gizmo

FORT PAYNE, Ala. -- GameTime introduces the Gizmo. Gizmos are interactive, and can be elevated, ground level, free-standing or part of a structure. They answer questions, solve puzzles, talk to you, and more. The Gizmo offers a choice of seven activities that can be used singly or in a group. Choose from seven different gizmos, then choose from a variety of local options. You can group several Gizmos together, or use individually. Gizmos include the Answer Wheel, Maze, Click Wheel, Echo Chamber, Flat Mirror, Bubble Mirror and Stained Glass. For more information, call (800) 235-2440 or go to

Shelters, Gazebos & Furnishings

LITCHFIELD, Mich. -- Litchfield Industries Inc. offers shelters, gazebos and site furnishings. Shelters and gazebos are offered with bolted, tubular steel frames in the Pittsburgh All-Steel Series or the Steel Beam Series with wood roof decks. The company also offers a full line of wood shelters with the Laminated and Rustic Series. Litchfield shelters and gazebos can be easily modified to fit any design specifications, and custom-designed shelters are Litchfield's specialty. A variety of standard options and accessories are offered, including fiberglass, cedar or metal roofing packages, many column choices, overhead ornamental fretwork or lattice, handrails, cupolas and more. The company also offers a complete line of site furnishings, such as benches, picnic tables and litter receptacles. For more information, call (800) 542-5282 or go to

Arts & Crafts

FORT ATKINSON, Wis. -- NASCO Arts & Crafts introduces its 2005 catalog. Almost 1,400 new products and 16 new pages have been added to this year's catalog, featuring the latest in arts and crafts and teaching aids, supplies and equipment. Each product featured in the 524-page catalog is designed to make teaching more effective and meaningful for students from kindergarten to college. The entire NASCO Arts & Crafts catalog can be viewed on-line at to review teacher resource materials, new products, special sales and discounts on overstock and discontinued items, contests and lesson plans. For more information, call (800) 558-9595 or go to

Outdoor Seating

CHEROKKE, Iowa -- Pilot Rock park benches come in styles and materials to complement any campground, campsite, athletic and play areas or park design. Benches can be surface-mounted or embedded. Frames can be steel or recycled plastic. Seat and back materials include lumber in several species, 100 percent recycled plastic in nine colors, vinyl coated steel in five colors or aluminum. All benches incorporate a simple, rugged design that can withstand abuse by both man and nature. For more information, call (712) 225-5796, or go to

Dock Utility Channel

MONETT, Mo. -- EZ Dock offers the new EZ Dock Utility Channel, which provides chase ways for utility access to any EZ Dock section. The two-piece 20"-wide utility channel has two separate compartments for separation of utility services. The utility channel attaches to the side of any EZ Dock sections and is available in section lengths of 60" and 20" as well as inside and outside corners. The four sections provide flexibility and functionality for utility access and dock design. End panels are available for closing off the termination end of the utility channel. For more information, call (800) 654-8168 or go to

Skate Rail MINNEAPOLIS -- Skatewave, a division of Landscape Structures Inc., has introduced its new 14-foot Roller Rail, a curved steel rail that allows skateboarders and BMXers to ride directly onto the obstacle. Roller Rails can be used individually or in succession to create a roller-coaster effect for beginner and advanced riders alike, the company says. The Roller Rail is 14 feet long and 20" high at its apex. For more information, call (866) SK8-WAVE (758-9283) or go to

Spreader Covers

PELLA, Iowa -- Lely USA Inc., has custom fit covers available for all of its broadcast fertilizer spreaders. The covers are designed to stop material spillage on the turf and to protect from moisture and rain. The covers are made from nylon pack/urethane with elastic fit and viewing window. To find a nearby dealer and for more information go to and hit the LOCATOR key, or call (888) 245-4684 x2.


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- SunX by CorTex Products Inc. offers SPF 30 sunscreens with cedar fragrance to discourage insect bites. SunX meets all current FDA regulations concerning claims, labeling and SPF 30 requirements, the company says. The sunscreen is offered in a full-size (5" x 8") foil pack towelette designed for first aid kits, and a wall-mount dispenser with a 500 ml bladder. For more information, call (877) 684-5774 or go to


LAKE TAHOE, Calif. -- Sweetwater Bungalows offers attractive pre-fabricated tent cabins that combine the strength and durability of wood (or metal) framing with soft fabric walls (low-maintenance vinyl and canvas fabric shell/rain fly). Sweetwater Bungalows are easily installed and the multi-purpose kits include real windows and door, and are available in three sizes: 10' x 12', 12' x 14' and 14' x 20', 5' or 7' wall height and 9' or 11' peak height. They are weather-proof, affordable (averaging $30 per square foot) and have a lifespan of 12-15 years. The environmentally-friendly structures rest lightly above the ground on wooden platforms and have the versatility to be moved around or taken down during the off-season. Custom options are available, as well as large-volume discounts. For more information, call (800) 587-

Lighthouse Bollard

CARPINTERIA, Calif. -- Forms+Surfaces introduces the Lighthouse Bollard, a contemporary interpretation of classic lighthouse design. Compact fluorescent and HID versions are available. Construction is cast aluminum with a powder-coat finish in a range of colors and textures. The bollard is UL-listed for wet locations and is ideal for exterior applications such as pathways, waterfronts, campuses and courtyards. For more information, call (800) 451-0410 or go to

Popcorn Popper

CINCINNATI -- Gold Medal Products introduces the Econo 8 Light Duty Popcorn Machine. An 18" x 16" popper, the Econo 8 features a spun aluminum kettle, tubular heating elements, formed stainless steel kettle shell and twin hangar arm kettle mount. The cabinet is built to last and attractively designed to merchandise. For more information, call (800) 543-0862 or go to

Irrigation Nozzles

GLENDORA, Calif. -- Rain Bird introduces a new solution to eliminate over-spraying and water waste in long narrow turf or shrub areas -- Right and Left Corner Strip Nozzles. The new 15RCS and 15LCS are specifically designed to cover difficult areas that are up to four feet wide by 15 feet long. They are designed to provide precise overlapping spray patterns with Rain Bird's 15SST (side strip) nozzles. Other features include 1800 Series white filter screens that prevent clogging and a stainless steel adjustment screw to adjust flow and radius. For more information, call (800) RAINBIRD or go to