Mark Your Calendars

I live and die by my desk calendar. Okay, so it's not quite that dramatic, but it does the important job of regulating and reminding.

I suppose I could set up my Outlook calendar with bell-ringing reminders and all the benefits of a virtual desktop. Call me a traditionalist, but I still believe there are certain functions best left to the touchable and the tangible.

There's something about marking off completed items, and being able to flip back and forth through the pages of my desk calendar that help with my daily duties.

As I write this at the end of 2004 I find that it's time to purchase a new desk calendar, an end-of-year tradition if ever there was one.

Ahhhh... The sights and sounds of my local office-supply store, complete with sales associates busily running around the store with their wireless earpieces, as they take clandestine instructions from Dr. No. I love it.

They're everywhere but where you need them, because, of course, they're too busy laying traps for 007 -- traps that will ultimately be foiled by the master spy when they leave him alone on the intricate, yet just-slow-enough death machine. It's a great system.

"Bond!" Dr. No will scream as Bond saves the day in the nick of time, and then the sales associates will hustle back to their checkout counters. And, finally, I will receive some service.

Anyway, in addition to my daily reminders, I have to attempt some long-range planning. I will mark days and times in the future to remind me that I need to be at this and such conference, meeting or whatever.

I've learned that my reminders need reminders, so I diligently place advance warnings a week or so in advance -- Don't forget about Sept. 13! Then I'll have to flip to that date to find out why I shouldn't forget.

Speaking of Sept. 13, I know that's at least one date I need to have ready and be ready for in 2005. It's also a date for you to keep in mind as you map out the year because we'll be hosting Parks & Rec Business LIVE! at Salt Fork Resort & Conference Center near Cambridge, Ohio, Sept. 13-14.

It will be an interactive, hands-on event where you'll be able to test-drive vendor products and services in seven product areas -- indoor aquatics and concessions, administrative and indoor programming, outdoor aquatics and concessions, sports and fitness, parks and outdoor recreation, waterfront and cabin and sports turf and grounds maintenance.

There's more specific information available at our Web site at, or you can call (866) 444-4216. So mark your calendars, and we'll continue to update you on Parks & Rec Business LIVE! throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you there.

Regan D. Dickinson