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Extreme Makeover, Waterwheel Style

FRANKLIN, N.C. -- Millions will witness a desert-to-oasis landscape transformation driven by a waterwheel. The Waterwheel Factory has been invited by ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition to provide expertise, product and installation for an edition of the ABC's television hit program.

The Emmy-nominated TV show features individuals and businesses coming together to help a deserving family accomplish a seven-day home transformation.

The producers selected the Waterwheel Factory after a nationwide search, citing its engineering expertise, experience in the field, and numerous placements of waterwheels ranging from backyard units to the high profile wheels at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and the Greenbrier Hotel residential estate in

West Virginia.

Go to to see the transformation at the company's Web site. The program is scheduled to be aired between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Landmark Loaders

WEST FARGO, N.D. -- Bobcat Company has been recognized, along with members of the Keller family, with an agricultural engineering Historic Landmark award for the invention and development of the skid-steer loader by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE).

In 1957, brothers Cyril and Louis Keller designed and built a three-wheeled, front-end loader at the request of a local turkey grower. They sold the patent to Melroe Manufacturing Company, now known as Bobcat Company, where they continued their work to develop the world's first skid-steer loader, introduced in 1960.

The ASAE recognition coincides with the announcement that Bobcat has built its 600,000th skid-steer loader. Since its original development, one of the most important developments has been job-matched attachments, which now number over 60 and range from augers to wheel saws, angle brooms to snow blowers and pavement planers to wood chippers.

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