A Year in the Life

Parks & Rec Business celebrates its first anniversary with this issue. I didn't really give it much thought until I found myself rolling over the copy on top of our Contents page to Volume 2, Issue 1.

The rollover prompted two contradictory thoughts… Has it already been one year since we premiered this magazine? And, has it only been one year?

As that great philosopher Steve Miller once penned, "Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future." This is especially true in the magazine publishing business. As I write this I'm gathering materials for the September and October issues, putting further distance between us and our first issue.

Meanwhile, it feels like we've been around for longer than a year. We feel very comfortable -- but certainly not complacent -- in parks and recreation.

The evidence for this comfort comes from you, our readers. I'm amazed at the feedback we've been receiving since that first issue came out a year ago.

Usually, people don't take time out to write letters to the editor unless they're angry about something. That's human nature.

However, the letters pouring in (mostly via e-mail) have been of the sort that tie into the atmosphere we're trying to foster, which is the healthy and constructive exchange of worthwhile and practical information.

These letters have always been extremely incisive, asking pertinent questions that spark further research… Research we plan on conducting to answer those questions as best we can.

Our goal is to create an interactive forum between you, your peers and industry vendors to better your business. Our plan is to expand the breadth and depth of your magazine and Web site over the coming years.

Our first anniversary presents an excellent occasion to thank you for reading and for your invaluable feedback. Thanks also to the advertisers who support this magazine. They believe it's worthwhile to bring their message to you, and are also dedicated to supporting you with products and information geared specifically to parks and recreation professionals.

In the meantime, keep in touch and let us know how we can help. As always, we will make ourselves available to assist in any way we can.


Regan D. Dickinson


Bryan BuchkoComment