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Web-Based Rec Management

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- RecWare, part of The Active Network, offers a new recreation management software, RecNet, for recreation automation and Internet registration for private and municipal recreation departments. RecNet is a Web-based, hosted software product that offers access from any computer at any location –- in real-time –- without investments in high-speed network connectivity. RecNet is fully hosted on the company's secure servers so staff can offer safe and reliable Internet registration without purchasing and managing their own server infrastructure. RecNet offers access to real-time data with the ability to view walk-in and Internet registration activity as it happens. Software updates and new enhancements are automatically installed. RecNet features activity registration, financial reporting, centralized customer database and facility reservation. For more information, call (888) RECWARE (732-9273), e-mail or visit

Modular Restroom Facilities

LAGRANGE, Ky. -- Hunter Knepshield offers modular restroom facilities that are pre-manufactured for economy and ease of installation. The buildings are pre-plumbed, pre-wired and shipped ready for placement. Interiors are designed for low maintenance, including wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling reinforced fiberglass for easy wash-down, the company says. A variety of plumbing choices, including composting, chemical and flush toilets are available to match on-site resources. For more information, call (800) 626-6530 or go to

Road Sealant

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- Transpo Industries offers Sealate T-70MX30, a specially-formulated, high molecular weight methacrylate (HMWM) resin system for sealing concrete cracks. The low viscosity of the product allows it to penetrate deep into fine cracks by gravity alone, and then seal them, the company says. Once the material has cured, the high-bond strength heals the cracks and restores the concrete strength to reduce crack propagation. The rapid cure assures minimal down time, and the sealing and healing of the concrete cracks will extend the service life of the structure at a minimal cost, the company adds.

ADA-Compliant Marina Ramp

KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, Fla. -- REDD Team Mfg., a division of Alcoa Engineered Products, introduces the ADA-compliant Ramp Rider, an aluminum gangway with a passenger lift system. It provides people of varying disabilities a means to move safely between different elevations in marine environments. The product has a self-leveling, all-wheel-drive battery-powered car that travels on a specialized gangway to provide access to floating docks and marinas. The design of the rail system and vehicle ensures that the vehicle and passenger always remain horizontal, regardless of the angle of the rails, the company says. The system is available in a variety of sizes to suit almost any water fluctuation, the company adds. For more information, call (800) 648-3696, or go to

Snow Plows

MINNEAPOLIS -- Snow Wolf offers the Snow Wolf Pro Series. The series has a floating blade that allows putting the vehicle weight onto the blade to increase the scraping ability to clean compacted snow and ice, the company says. The chain typically used to lift floating blades has been replaced on this plow with a solid steel link and an industrial compression spring. The link and spring prevents the plow from raising over center and contacting the operator's cab when adding snow onto a pile. When needed, the operator can apply down pressure on the blade to scrape the surface by compressing the spring. The company says the spring eliminates maintenance of loose or broken chains. The blade is also angled to scoop and roll snow, rather than push it. The plows are for 20 hp compact utility tractors and smaller skid steers and come in four widths -- 5', 6', 7' and 8'. For more information, call (800) 905-2265.

On-Line Sports Equipment

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- RecWare announces a Web resource for making purchases at Active Sports Shed ( Coaches, field equipment managers, recreation directors and league administrators can purchase their entire season's field, equipment and concession inventory on-line. Active Sports Shed offers an on-line selection of factory direct sports and recreation equipment at 20 percent off retail. Professionals can search through more than 1,000 products across 25 institutional product categories. Active Sports Shed can provide on-line bids and volume discounts. Using the site's Best Bid feature, professionals can enter the items they want to purchase and receive a Best Bid estimate. The on-line store features products from manufacturers such as Diamond, Edwards, Rawlings, Riddell, Wilson, and others. The site offers products for a full range of sports and recreation, including baseball, basketball, soccer, aquatics, football, playground, track and field, volleyball, weightlifting, general operations and more.

Spray Park Software

PENTICTON, BC, Canada -- Waterplay Manufacturing Inc. has just developed an on-line spray park design software. Using Flash technology, the interactive software allows users to experiment with various spray park toys and spray park layouts. To design a spray park visit the Waterplay Web site at The park builder icon leads you into an assortment of pad shapes. Spray parks come in all shapes and sizes, but for simplicity's sake, it's best to select a pad that represents your ideal park. Next you select any toy from the many spray toy categories (columns, flowers & trees, spirals & loops, animals, cool stuff, etc.). Once you have chosen a toy, you can rotate it so that it sprays water just the way you want. You can also delete a toy if you decide it doesn’t quite fit with your design. Every time you add a new toy to the pad, the budget calculator provides you with an estimated total budget. After you finish your creation, you can save the park, print and present it at your next meeting. If you decide to save the park, The Waterplay sales team will review the park you saved and provide you with a complete cost proposal. For more information, call (800) 590-5552 or go to

Temporary Ice Rink

GENOA CITY, Wis. -- NiceRink outdoor ice rink systems have a patented NiceRink bracket side board support system combined with NiceRinks' puncture- and tear-resistant super-white liners. Once the rink is in place the patented NiceIce resurfacer is used to smooth over any rink in less time, water and effort, the company says. For more information, call (888) NiceRink or go to


LINCOLN, Neb. -- Rock Solid introduces the Plugr PL800 Pro, a 30" wide aerator with two additional cams than its commercial Plugr PL600, with a total of eight cams, that move the tines closer together to increase the number of cores per square feet by 20 percent, the company says. The aeration pattern is 2 1/4" x 8", and the punching power is driven by a cam shaft and engine so that tines are driven deep into the soil with no add-on weights or water drums. The company adds that it offers up to 30,000 square feet per hour productivity, utilizing a double v-belt drive, wide quad-wheel stability and a Briggs and Stratton 6.5 hp Intek or Honda 5.5 hp OHV. For more information call (888) 418-9065 or go to

Box Hockey

Box Hockey International Inc. offers Box Hockey, a one-on-one game that can be played by any age group, indoors or outdoors with many variations, like two-on-two, round-robin, tournaments and more. The company says the game doesn't require special skills or abilities, is adaptable for special ed, provides a cardiovascular and muscle workout and develops hand/eye coordination and other fine motor skills. For more information, go to

Sign & Furnishings Catalog

The Plastic Lumber Company Inc., Akron, Ohio, offers a site furnishings and sign catalog. The catalog includes its line of entry, interpretive and sports complex signage, along with furnishing, like benches, receptacles and picnic tables. For more information, call (800) 886-8999 or go to

Circle Reader Service #xx

Sports Equipment

SUSSEX, Wis. -- Huffy Sports offers poolside and basketball equipment. The line now includes portable and in-ground basketball systems, youth basketball systems, pool volleyball systems, twilight-lighted sports balls and accessories. For more information, call (262) 820-3440 or go to

Campfire Rings & Cooksites

CHEROKEE, Iowa -- Pilot Rock Park Equipment offers a larger diameter campfire ring. The group campfire rings can be 48" or 56" in diameter, with several side height options, ranging from 7" to 18" tall. Standard equipment includes a cooking grate. They can be fabricated without the cooking grate, and there's also a choice of several optional anchoring systems to keep the ring secured. Campfire ring designs providing wheelchair accessibility are also available. For more information, call (712) 225-5115 or go to

Circular Slide

FORT PAYNE, Ala. -- GameTime's new RockSlide is a mountain slide that GameTime says provides children with a smooth, swift ride from the top down to the extra-wide curved bedway. The slide features an extra two feet of vertical drop in the 360-degree spiral design for more speed. For more information call (800) 235-2440 or go to

Nature Education

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. -- Nature Watch offers its Fall/Winter 2002 catalog. The catalog includes resources and products for indoor and outdoor nature educators. The catalog includes hundreds of products and programs, like nature books, models and other nature education products. For more information go to

Drinking Fountains

Most Dependable Fountains Inc. offers pedestal drinking fountains. Multiple options are available on each fountain, including attached pet fountain, jug filler, hose bib with locking cover, hand wash station, foot wash, hose hook, leash hook and a plaque. Additional options include valve boxes, sand catch basins, chillers, surface carriers, sand strainers and cut-off valves. For more information, call (800) 552-6331 or go to

Mid-Cut Mower

BEATRICE, Neb. -- Encore Manufacturing Co. Inc. introduces its Powler Mid Cut, which features a side-to-side articulating floating deck. This deck suspension allows both front wheels to maintain ground contact over rough terrain. A PTO shaft feeds power to the blades and there's a heavy-gauge welded steel deck with special reinforcement channels to control vibration. Disc brakes are standard. The deck is 5 1/2" deep. All Prowlers -- 52", 61" and 72" -- have maintenance-free blade spindles with a two-year warranty on parts and labor, the company says. Prowlers also include 24" Super Turf tires, 6 1/2"-wide front wheels and a low center of gravity. Units can be outfitted with high-horsepower gas or diesel engine options, liquid-cooled and air-cooled, and ROPS option is available. For more information, call (800) 267-4255.

Equipment Rental Catalog

DENVER -- HSS RentX launches its new rental rate guide. The free, 200-page catalog includes specifications for more than 850 models. HSS also debuts a new Web site with e-rental capabilities at Site visitors can browse rental products, rates and services, and place a rental request on-line. For more information, call (877) 711-7368.

Log Roll

FORT PAYNE, Ala. -- GameTime's new Log Roll is a molded round timber with "beaver" sculpted ends. The Log Roll features tactile "bark" and woodland creatures that chase each other as the component rolls around. The company says that children will improve their balancing skills while performing a cardiovascular-enhancing rolling motion on the new design. For more information call (800) 235-2440 or go to

Sports Equipment Catalog

DALLAS -- The Discounter, a division of Collegiate Pacific Inc., offers its latest catalog. The catalog includes a wide variety of sports and outdoor equipment for volleyball, soccer, baseball, hockey, canoeing, archery and more. Brands carried include Champion, Diamond, Spalding, Indian Archery, STX, Wilson, Brine, Gared, Stearns, Motorola and more. For more information, call (888) 909-8809 or go to