Defining Vision

I'm from a traveling family. When I was young, we'd drive to the ocean. We'd drive to Disney World. We'd rent an RV and drive to Yellowstone. We'd drive.

And on those drives, before the advent of DVD players and video games, we'd read, play card games and daydream. One of my favorite dreams was of the ranch and the life my wife and I would build in the land of milk and honey. Someplace far, far away and way, way afar.

As I grew older (some would say matured, but probably not my wife), the dream added components and dimensions much like a house adds rooms. Kids entered the picture and interests, hobbies and ideas popped up.

Looking back on it, I find it interesting and amusing to see what parts of that daydream became reality (kids, journalism) and which parts were traded in for other ideas (the ranch turned into a Cape Cod in Ohio) like so many pieces to a puzzle.

It struck me that this constant juggling of ideas and bartering of dream components is much like the decisions you face every day.

What are the maintenance priorities this week? What programs are we operating? Are they full? Why not? Where are we at in our capital campaign? What should we do about it? And most importantly, are we meeting my vision for the future of the department?

As we all know, that is the critical question. It guides our daily decisions both consciously and unconsciously. And, when those ideas pop to the surface (welcome or not), it's our hope that Parks & Rec Business will be close at hand to help you flesh them out, to add that room to your dream house and to help you realize your vision for your department –- whatever that vision might be.

Let us know how well we did with this issue and have a great holiday season!


Rodney J. Auth

President & Publisher