got Mud?

When the Republic Parks & Recreation Department in Republic, Mo., purchased 40 acres of land located in an agricultural area in 2009, ideas began flowing as to what types of programming could be hosted on the property.

What Lies Beneath

With carpet installed in park administrators’ offices, as well as in recreational and instructional areas, there is always the possibility of mold developing. This is more of a problem in areas of

A Pioneer Project

The Western Kansas town of Dodge City—made famous as a frontier settlement of the Old West and infamous for gunslingers, saloons, brothels, and gambling halls—has added a new tourism gem: a western/prairie-themed water park.

Going To The Bats

It’s happening on land a few blocks away from Mark Twain’s boyhood home. You’ll see senior citizens strolling, toddlers on tricycles, women walking and talking, teenagers zipping by on scooters, runners keeping step with each other.